With the idea of the Soul comes a lot of mystery.

If we can’t see something, how do we actually know that it exists at all?

Why should we believe it’s real if we can’t prove it?

Wanting to know more about the soul indicates you’re approaching a chapter in your life where you are becoming ready for the deeper meaning behind life and reality.

I personally didn’t think too much of this before going through a spiritual awakening with my life + business partner, Sarah Hagstrom, in 2022.

Our business that we had been building for years started to unravel, we no longer had the excitement of when we first created it, and things were shifting – a lot.

We both started to question the path we were on, and started shifting our focus inwards by moving through the 4 stages of inner work.

soul connection guide post

Once we opened up to this new path, immediately we started having teachers, books, videos and workshops come into our life – the timing was always perfect.

At first this type of experience felt like coincidence, or thinking ‘that’s funny’, when in reality this was the first time we had true awareness around what was happening and why.

What is the Soul?

Your Soul is the higher aspect of you, having a human experience on earth as you, and originating as a lower aspect of Spirit.

So you can connect to your Soul, and from there you can connect with other Souls, as well as continue into even higher realms, known as the spiritual Hierarchy – which has a more complete understanding of Spirit (God, Goddess, Source).

All of this can get very advanced though, and right now all we really need to work on is developing the connection with our Souls again. That serves as a good starting point, and more information will come available as this connection is developed.

what is the soul

Why are you here?

Your Soul made the choice of incarnating here on earth, at this time, having the experience as you. The event of your birth was precisely calculated, taking into account:

  • When you were born, down to the minute (think sun sign)
  • Where you were born on earth (think rising sign)
  • Whom you were born to (taking into account the likely childhood dynamics, as well as genetics from your parents)

So yes, you being here was hardly an accident – it was carefully planned by the higher aspect of you.

I know – Mind Blown 🤯

Why don’t you remember this?

Well, some people can recall certain things, like past lives, but most of us don’t have access to that information.

The reason why is because the higher aspect of us has chosen to ‘not know’, and rather have a unique experience in physical reality as a human being. The big appeal of physical reality is the ability to get lost in a world where you can experience time & space, as well as emotion and thought.

Note – this post is heavily simplified, this stuff is so much more complex that it can take many years of learning, contemplation & service to others in order to attain a high level of understanding in the true nature of reality and the Soul.

It’s a very challenging time to be a human right now on earth, but with this comes a great opportunity for our Souls to grow and evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

Soul life purpose

That is the primary motivation behind our Souls incarnating: to raise its own consciousness through serving others and elevating their consciousness.

We’re in this together!

Also keep in mind that for some it takes many lifetimes before being able to actually help another increase their level of consciousness – first you need help raising yours enough to be able to do that for another.

This is all part of the greater plan of the universe, for humanity to help raise itself up, with just enough assistance from the higher realms.

You have a purpose for your life here on earth at this time. And by getting this far into this post there’s a good chance that this lifetime will represent a huge growth for your Soul.

💫 If you’re wondering what yours is I suggest watching our training on Discovering Your Life Purpose.

The difference between You and your Soul

When we incarnate we also disconnect from our Soul, and begin to develop what is known as ‘the Personality’.

This term is more broad than what most of us learned in school growing up, taking tests to see who is extroverted, introverted, etc.

*We also are dealing with limited vocabulary in the English language to sufficiently describe this higher version of Personality (among many other spiritual concepts).

The Personality, in the spiritual context, includes your entire created existence and sense of self in one particular lifetime, and includes your physical, mental, and emotional body.

Your soul (as well as your mind, technically) are the higher aspects of you, and you are your soul’s version of a personality.

Soul plane and personality

What’s interesting is that the development of the Personality causes a lot of issues for us humans, especially in the emotional body, because we are heavily influenced by emotion & desire, which drives a lot of the choices we make during life.

Our thoughts, emotions & physical experience form our perception of ourselves – and that often creates a lot of struggle.

But remember, this was all fully intended by the Soul. Once you know what life is like being disconnected from your Soul, you will then be more motivated and eager to make the journey towards realignment.

Another way to think about this is that your Personality ends up controlling your life, and the goal will be for you to eventually realize this and work towards bringing your Soul back in control, and acting as your higher Self.

*The higher Self is basically your more evolved Personality; it becomes possible to ‘be’ your higher Self as you go through the 4 stages of Inner Work, and integrate all parts of your lower Personality.

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I hope this answers some of the questions you have about the Soul, but I also realize this will also lead to even more questions, which is encouraged.

I’ve had a lot of curiosity around this topic, and wished I had a teacher that really spelled it out for me, which is what I’ve done in this post.

That being said, this is all from my perspective, and my interests, which means you will eventually pursue even greater understanding on your own terms, whether it’s in this life or another down the road.

Keep asking questions and be open to the answers finding you.


Peter Hagstrom
Peter Hagstrom

Co-Founder of The Inner Flow Co.