The beginning of my journey started with getting quiet.
I had lost connection to my soul.
Not sure when exactly it happened.

It could have been when I was coaching 20 clients a week, outsourcing everything to scale our business, or maybe before. I had bought into the belief that, as a business owner, I was responsible for everyone’s problems… talk about chronic stress!

If you’re unfamiliar with a soul connection, the best way I can describe mine is as a feeling. 

When I’m connected with my soul, I am centered, open and in the flow.

However, when I’m out of alignment with my soul, it’s as if I’m stuck. You can think of those electric race tracks for kids; when the car is not aligned, it can’t move, I am the car, and my soul is the track. 

Our souls know the best route for us to move through this life, but with so many distractions and things working against us, it’s easy to get off track. 

stand up paddle board meditation

When I decided to leave my job to start working for myself full time, I quit, but then my boss called me into her office and begged me to stay. I felt sorry for her and wanted to be helpful, so I said yes, I would stay. 

However, when I went to leave her office a few minutes later, I couldn’t move. I felt everything in my body tighten up; it was my soul speaking to me, saying “This is not the right path for you; you cannot keep working here”. 

I turned to her and said I can’t continue working for you; I’m sorry. 

She was surprised and even more upset than before, but I was back on track and it was in the best interest of everyone.

Over the years, I lost that connection with my soul. 

I found myself in so much pain in the summer of 2022, I was only sleeping a few hours a night, and all I could do was lay and meditate during the day due to my discomfort. 

This was my opportunity to get back on track, to go with in. 

If you’re new to this practice, we have a training inside Inner Money Flow called Going With In, and a very powerful meditation that will support you. 

From there, the next steps started to unfold as they always do. Finally, I knew I could no longer be the strong one with all the solutions. 

But my mind wasn’t ready to let go of my old identity. 

It was then that I knew I would need to have freedom from my thoughts if I wanted freedom in my outer world.  

The next few months felt like a battle between my mind and my soul; my mind didn’t want to release who I thought I was, who I identified with for so long, and my soul was lovingly saying that is not who you are. 

When I finally surrendered to what could be, what I knew to be accurate, I instantly felt better and started experiencing more ease, joy, peace, and support.

Sometimes we’re scared to change or start doing the inner work, but that is only our mind trying to keep us in our comfort zone.

In your soul, you’ll know you need to do this work; it calls to you, it’s a knowing, and life gets a lot easier when you stop fighting it.

If you’re struggling with your mind, thoughts, doubt, fear or overwhelm, join us in Inner Money Flow. We have a 12-week plan dedicated to helping you overcome your mind and start connecting with your soul. You’ll find as you work on yourself, your business will benefit.


Sarah Hagstrom
Sarah Hagstrom

Co-Founder of The Inner Flow Co.