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Spiritual coaching is incredibly powerful, as it allows you to utilize your spiritual gifts to empower others to do the same.

It transcends working with the ego and surface-level desires; and allows you to connect on the soul level.

If you know your passion lies in aiding others to awaken, heal, and live their purpose now, but fear and uncertainty about entering this industry are holding you back, then this program is tailor-made for you.

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Hi, I'm Sarah Hagstrom. I've been coaching since 2014, starting as a health coach. 

In 2019, I ventured into business coaching, and since then, I've been seamlessly blending the two as a spiritual coach, which has been an immensely rewarding experience. 

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This program was specifically crafted for individuals aspiring to enter the realm of spiritual coaching with love and authenticity.

What kind of work can you do as a spiritual coach?


One of the main things my clients come to me for is putting into words what they do. They are multi-passionate and love helping others, but the marketing makes them want to pull their hair out. If this is you, don’t worry, one of my skills is helping you put into words, videos, and art what you do and how others can benefit from it.

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If you aspire to live your purpose and make a difference, this program is an excellent stepping stone for you.

Here are some of the topics we'll cover during our three months together:

  • How to conduct spiritual coaching sessions for maximum transformation
  • Attracting the right clients with love and authenticity
  • Crafting offers that excite people to sign up
  • Addressing imposter syndrome and other fears regarding qualifications
  • Overcoming money blocks and fears related to charging for spiritual work
  • Understanding different types of offers and determining the best fit for you (sessions, groups, courses, workshops, etc.)
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  • Balancing masculine and feminine energy in business operations
  • Securing your first spiritual coaching client and charting your path forward
  • Tools I utilize to run my business

How Much Money Can You Make as a Spiritual Coach?

Your potential earnings are entirely up to you. Some people do this work part-time, earning $1,000 to $5,000 per month, while others pursue it full-time, achieving $10,000 months and even larger launches at $30,000 and beyond. However, I advise against joining solely for monetary gain; spiritual coaching is a calling for those committed to making a difference.

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Who Is This Program Best Suited For?

- Individuals seeking one-on-one support from an experienced coach who practices full-time

- Beginners in the spiritual coaching realm - no prior experience required

- Those transitioning from traditional coaching to spiritual coaching

By the end of our program, you'll feel remarkably confident and clear-headed!

You'll have the know-how to operate a spiritual coaching business.
You'll feel confident in your coaching abilities, whether with practice or paying clients, depending on your starting point.
You'll be living your purpose, feeling fully supported on your journey.

What is included

Three months of one-on-one coaching with me

Six one-hour coaching calls via Zoom (Valued at $15,000)

Access to my spiritual courses

To provide insight into the inner workings of a spiritual business (Valued at $10,000)

6 months in my Soulful Women's Mastermind

An ongoing mastermind for spiritual women in business (Valued at $20,000)


Collaborative Marketing learn how to tap into audiences looking for spiritual guidance that you can market your services to!

This is great for those with no audience, but wanting to get started right away!

Become a spiritual coach and start living your purpose now.

Paid In Full: $3,200

Claim the last spot! 

What Others Are Saying About Working With Me:

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What happens next

After enrollment, you'll receive an email from me regarding booking your one-on-one sessions. You'll also gain instant access to my mastermind and courses. During our initial session, we'll acquaint ourselves, establish specific intentions, and devise a plan for the remainder of our time together.

I can't wait to get started with you!
Sarah Hagstrom

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1:1 Call Bonus with Sarah Expires December 1st

Valued at: $45,000

Paid In Full: $3,200


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"By moving through the inner work, my content started to flow, and as it did, my money mindset started to expand. It felt as if a heavy weight that I had before has lifted."


Client win

I’m almost ready but I have a few more questions…

Will you help me with strategy?
Yes, I love crafting strategies with my clients that feel so easy marketing becomes very natural to them.

Is it okay if I have no experience?
The most important thing is that you’re committed to being of service to your clients and know this is your calling. No experience is needed, this is a beginner program.

Will I be working with you directly?
Yes, this program is a 1:1 support program. I’ve found that when just getting started it is very powerful to have one person to guide you through becoming a spiritual coach and starting a business.

I know you can’t guarantee results, but what can I expect by the end of this program?
Because everyone is so different, results will vary, but all of my 1:1 clients walk away with confidence running a coaching business, they know how to create offers, and strategies to sell their services and the majority start working with clients. I don’t like to say you will be making x amount of money by the time you finish because it can be limiting, during our first call we’ll check in and see what intentions you have for this program and work together to bring those into your reality in our time together.

featured in entrepreneur forbes yahoo
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