The Spiritual Coach's Guide to Business Breakthroughs

Spiritual Business Guide

You're so ready to help others heal and grow yet feeling stuck when it comes to your next steps?

If you resonate with this it’s probably because you’re dealing with one of the
5 limiting beliefs all spiritual coaches and teachers have to overcome when doing this work for a living.

Or you’re lacking the clarity to move forward, this guide will help you overcome both 🎉

Your Free Guide Includes:

The 5 Beliefs you must overcome to have a massive impact and income with your business.
What to focus on when just getting started if you desire clients and community now.

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$6700 in Sales - No Sales Calls

"Sarah encouraged me to stop doing sale calls if they weren't feeling good. Instead, she helped me structure a live training direct to my program's sale page, so I could have more time for other things in my business that bring me joy.

I could let my business go on autopilot while still making passive income for the first time. I went on vacation for four days and made $6,700 in sales that week without any sales calls."

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whitney thank you

Sarah's support is unparalleled 💕

"Her course, the community, her coaching calls and all the support are literally the reason my business is steadily scaling & growing so organically."


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