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March Bonus - Feminine Leadership Training: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs for Action

Business mastermind sarah hagstrom

If you know you can have a life of true bliss & blessings but you also know you need support so you don't go crazy, then this mastermind is for you.

Jamie Testimonial

🗓️ Mastermind calls are every other Tuesday at 5pm PT / 8pm ET

This is for you if...

  • You’ve gone through a significant shift in your sense of self, and the old way of doing things, running a business, and showing up aren't working - you need support in how you're going to move forward.
  • You seek a feeling of balance and fulfillment in your business without sacrificing other areas of life.
  • You want to share your message but feel like fear and all of the rules about how you should show up are getting in the way.
  • You aspire to reach and surpass your business goals with ease, joy, and a sense of flow but need some accountability and guidance.
  • You love learning new things and supporting others, topics like entrepreneurship, spirituality, and healing light you up.


"Sarah! this week has been a week of wins and even tho we haven't worked 1:1 together in a few months i wanted to share it with you, celebrate with you and thank you for the tools you've give me along the way! party 🥳 💕 just this week alone i signed 2 paid in full clients (i'm anticipating 2 more by the end of the week) and just interviewed to be on a podcast next month! lots of good and exciting things. thanks for helping me build a strong foundation from day one 💗 you da best"


"Sarah, I just wanted to thank you for the Mastermind. Do you realize that from the time I signed up, until the end, I made over $15K?! 🤯 🤯 I got 5 clients AND I raised my prices twice during that time. 🤯 Thank you for the love, guidance, and tips. What a ride!"


"The benefits of the live support of this group program the past two months is mind blowing to me! Not only have I learned SO much more than I ever imagined, but being able to talk everything over in person with Sarah and the other ladies in the calls has been the most magical, motivating, helpful part of the entire program. There is literally no way I would be showing up where I am right now in building my business without the live support and accountability ❤️ I feel so so so grateful 🙏 "

Your three months of mastermind support include:

- A 1:1 Life Visioning Call with Sarah to get clear on what you want out of life and set a plan for your 3 months in this community. ($1000 value)

- 6 Mastermind Calls, these calls happen twice a month on Tuesdays at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, and are between 60-90 minutes in length. ($5000 value)

- Private community to get advice, learn, share updates, and watch replays of past calls ($1000 value)

- Support from women in various stages of business and spiritual growth, helping you reach your goals faster and more joyfully. (Priceless)

- Share your gifts, practice coaching, and get feedback on your work, every month we have opportunities for you to practice a new skill or get feedback on your offers ($1500 value)

Your Mastermind Host

- A bigger network, by joining this Mastermind, you will be able to connect with the network everyone else has already developed. ($1000 value)

MARCH BONUSFeminine Leadership Training: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs for Action ($500 value)

 Total Program Value = $10,000 

Pay In Full


Save 14%

3 Monthly Payments


What others have accomplished in my Masterminds:

Met business best friend and went on to start a podcast together.
Hit her highest revenue month of $28k.
Brought in $15K in two months.
Past mastermind girls went on a vacation together.
Got over her fear of sharing, shared her story and went viral 🚀
Two mastermind members launched a detox program together.

This Mastermind is all about facing your fears and ditching those stories that say success can't happen right now.

It's not just about business and numbers – it's also about growing spiritually, doing inner work, and embracing the joy in your life.

If you're after more than just the latest trends and want support in building something you're genuinely proud of, then you're in the right spot.

 NEW!  Spiritual Book Club

Together we’ll read the same book and have a call dedicated to rating and sharing our favorite parts. We read a new book each quarter.

Book club inner flow

Your Mentorship & Friendship is Beyond Words

"Sarah, I just adore you!! & I feel so grateful for your mentorship & friendship, it's beyond words! Thank you so much for all that you do to support & encourage me as well as the light I know you bring to countless others. You're one of those people that once others come in contact with you, their life is completely transformed 🩷"

Jamie, current mastermind member

I intend to share how I balance my spiritual and professional life with you and build meaningful relationships that outlast this Mastermind. 

If this sounds like what you need - I invite you to join me.

How it works:

  1. You signing up means you're committing to 3 months of support. After 3 months you will not be charged again but if you want to continue with us, you can come back to this page and sign up again.
  2. You'll get access to my calendar to book your 1:1 call with me to create a specific plan for your next 3 months.
  3. You get instant access to the private community and can book your hotseats for upcoming mastermind calls where I'll coach you and the other members will give you advice and insights as well.

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1:1 Call With Sarah

Group Coaching Calls Every 2 Weeks

Secure Payment

Joni testimonial

The Mastermind Feels Safe & Abundant

"Sarah I feel like crying reading your message here! I want to create, in my clients, the kind of feeling that I am feeling in this mastermind: Held, supported, nurtured, safe, enough, abundant. I will journal and meditate on these questions and will update you. Thank you so much 🥰"

Dee Testimonial

Dee Mistry

Mastermind members podcast

What happens next: Once you sign up you’ll get an email from Sarah with your next steps, one of them being how to get the most from this Mastermind + your link to the private community 💘

"Sarah, 100% Joining the Mastermind helped so much! It's incredible energy to be around others and focused on your goals with like minded people. I enjoy the group so much. I can't wait to connect, it's going to be great."

mindy earned 3x back

Mindy, current mastermind member

I’m all in, but I have a few more questions:

When are the calls?

Mastermind calls are every other Tuesday at 5pm PT / 8pm ET. They are recorded, and you can watch all the replays.

What happens after 3 months?

Will I be charged again? After your 3 months in the mastermind, you can decide if you want to keep going with us or if you feel great moving forward on your own. You will not be charged again unless you come back to this page and sign up for another term.

What will be required in order to get results?

In order to get results, you will need to show up for your 1:1 call with me open and honest. You will need to share your goals and be ready to do the inner and outer work required. Also, let us know what is working and what isn’t working so we can help you get into alignment. I will not be asking you to do business strategies that don’t feel authentic to you.

When is the best time to join this program?

The best time is when you want to live your purpose with success, when you want to step into a community of women who will show up for you. If growing your business while maintaining your peace is a priority, now would be a great time to join us.

Can you tell me about the other women who have signed up?

We have coaches, healers, and creatives at all stages of their business. Some have never worked with clients, and some have been doing it for years. The thing they have in common is they are big supporters of other women and they genuinely want to see everyone win. We are always very open and honest during group calls. It feels like friends you’ve known for years.

Will I be able to get personal support from Sarah?

Yes, in addition to your 1:1 call, you will get coached by her at least 2x during hotspots, and most of the women chat with Sarah between calls via the community chat.

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