Soul Connection

Soul connection guide

Free guide to learn how develop your soul connection and experience the amazing benefits.

Soul connection guide

If you want to learn how to connect with your soul you’ve come to the right place.

In this free guide you’ll develop a deeper relationship with the truest essence of your self.

Let's unlock more growth, healing and higher purpose in your life!

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What are the benefits of a soul connection?

When you form a conscious bond with your soul you begin to access your higher path and purpose.

This includes your 3 realities: physical, emotional & mental 🔻

 Some of the exciting things that happen when you connect to your soul... 

Freedom from emotions - your feelings will have less influence over your daily life.
Healthy body - the physical body falls into dis-ease when disconnected from the soul.
Healed relationships - when you start to live as your soul’s expression you embody a more loving presence that others are drawn to.
Finding fulfillment in your work - connecting to your soul leads to knowing your life purpose.
True abundance - when you live as your higher self you become a natural manifestor, being provided with what you need, when you need it.
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How long does it take to connect with the Soul?

The initial soul connection doesn’t take very long, but the relationship will only grow stronger if you continue to nurture it.

This doesn’t mean you need to be meditating all the time either; but finding time to get quiet and go within to connect with your soul does take a small amount of commitment.

The benefits listed above are outstanding results, but they are only possible with the most sincere dedication.

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Soul Connection is Meant to Help You Expand & Evolve

benefits of connecting to soul

This work is not meant for anyone who only wants a soul connection to fulfill any and all desires.

The whole point of us living here on earth is to realize the illusions of our created realities; physically, mentally and emotionally.

When you connect to your soul you are making a conscious effort to learn and grow out of the mass of problems that most of humanity is dwelling in - which results in you eventually being in a position to help them rise up just like you.

So this work is not for those only interested in themselves; you must have love for everyone (or be open to creating that reality).

 What if I'm new to this? 

If you’re feeling drawn to do this then you should. No prior knowledge is required with regards to the soul or spirituality. This guide is full of resources to help you along the way.

Connecting with your soul is not something that should be feared either; because ultimately it is you, just on a higher plane of existence.

If you have reservations about doing this, read this post on understanding the Soul to get a better idea of what we’re talking about here.

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Meet your soul connection teacher

Hi, I’m Peter Hagstrom, and so glad you’ve found this resource today.

In 2022 I went through a spiritual awakening along with my partner, Sarah.

Sarah Peter Hagstrom

We never realized just how powerful we are as humans until doing this work, and the most important thing for us was developing a soul connection.

So much is possible for you, including unlimited peace, joy, freedom, abundance and fulfillment.

We’re honored to be part of your journey. 🥰

Sarah Peter Hagstrom

"I'm feeling really high vibe lately & I am so grateful! I feel more bubbly, energetic, outgoing, excited about life & genuinely compassionate toward others. This high vibe has brought many positive changes into my life."

shera testimonial


"Love what you guys are doing here! Resonates with me so so much!! 💕 thank you!"


"Sarah & Peter, this was an incredible training. I love your message about following your joy.  Took me awhile but I am truly providing the service I was destined to do. Thank you 😀"


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