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Journey to Personal Power

Join us to understand yourself, cultivate self-love, and live your purpose now.

See your life in a different light, heal your childhood, and start living a life that is 100% yours.

Peter and I are so excited to start this program with you, join us to heal your shadows and past hurt, reclaim your power and start living your purpose with success now. 

I’ve been living my purpose for the past 10 years, and after working with over 1000 people I can confidently say that those who are the most fulfilled are those who fully know, trust, and believe in themselves.

You would benefit from this program if:

You often second-guess yourself and trust others over your own inner guidance.
You have a hard time speaking up for yourself and your desires.
You know you are here for a reason, but you aren’t living your life purpose.
You often let fears or limiting beliefs hold you back.
You have been known to force or push yourself to succeed; you know you could be more loving and kind to yourself.
You’ve been taught to be happy and grateful for what you receive, even if it’s not what you truly desire.
You put other people before yourself, even if it leads to you getting sick or having to do more work than others.
You feel stuck or burned out with your current life and want to move forward. 
You’re tired of putting yourself last or low on the totem pole and are ready to feel what it’s like to be happy, on purpose, and abundant.

Why we’re the best ones to guide you through this live program:

We’re the high-vibe couple behind The Inner Flow Co, and every dream we’ve had, we’ve gone after. I am an experienced coach who’s coached over 500 people on overcoming their limiting beliefs and going after their dreams. Peter is a soul connection teacher and is great at helping you tap into your intuitive gifts. But most of all, we’re loving, honest, and will be coaching you live during the entire program.

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What others are saying about working with us:

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What you're going to learn...

Part 1 - Knowing yourself

Understanding why you came here and why your life has unfolded as it has.
Uncovering and reprogramming triggers - your thoughts, emotions, job and personal life.
Connecting with your soul and who you really are. This includes tapping into your inner guidance and learning how to hear it in all situations.
Step into your worthiness guided walking meditation to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Part 2 - Loving yourself

Overcoming your limiting beliefs once and for all.
Inner child healing, healing all past hurt and forgiving.
Feeling worthy of your life, of taking up space, and of your dreams ☀️
Heart chakra meditation helping you master your soul connection.

Part 3 - Becoming the person you want to be

Integrating parts of your personality that no longer serve you, think shadow work: the anger, bitterness, stubbornness, and the parts that feel hurt and that you’re ready to move on from.
Healing anxiety & overthinking, and stepping into peace in all situations.
Solar plexus chakra meditation, so you can integrate what has been keeping you stuck.

Part 4 - Living your life purpose

Getting clear on what your purpose is - not what you think you should be doing, but what you’re here to do.
Working through every block that comes up around why you can’t live your purpose now.
A roadmap for moving forward with your life purpose.
Throat chakra meditation so you feel open and heard when it comes to living your purpose.

What you'll get in this program:

Group Coaching Calls with Sarah and Peter, one every other week. ($2000 Value)

Weekly Check-ins from Sarah and a private chat channel to make sure you feel good and supported. ($500 Value)

Pre and Post-Call Notes & Trainings specific to the week we’re on and what you need ($2000 Value)

Private Student Community to ask questions and connect with others doing this work ($500 Value)

Accountability Partner to go through the program with and share what is coming up for you (Priceless)

Guided Meditations to help you heal and feel worthy of your dreams ($100 Value)

Inner Work Videos, Journal Prompts and Notes to use as you navigate 2024 ($500 Value)

$1,250 in Bonuses!

BONUS #1: Money Manifestation Course to Attract More Money in 2024

BONUS #2: Self Healing and Chakra Course

BONUS #3: Going Within Guided Meditation

BONUS #4: Radiating Self Love Meditation

BONUS #5: Chakra Balancing Meditations (3)

BONUS #6: Higher Self Connection Meditation

BONUS #7: You Can Trust Yourself Method

BONUS #8: Overcoming Burnout & The Constant Need To Do

BONUS #9: The Fresh Start Method for When You Doubt Yourself

BONUS #10: Confidence Workbook for Achieving Your Dreams

BONUS #11: Raise Your Vibration Meditation

BONUS #12: Calling in your people Training

BONUS #13: Let it Go Meditation

Total Value = $6,850

First coaching call is Friday, January 12, 2024

The best thing about Sarah is that she's not invested in teaching you her method, she's really good at helping you find what's best for you.

“I have found Sarah Hagstrom's coaching style to be really powerful. She's gentle and nurturing but really zeros in on the blocks quickly. Not only that but she helps me to find the solution and the right tools to quickly get unstuck. Things are flowing so much more easily in my life now and knowing Sarah is on hand to help move me in the right direction is a comfort and a catalyst. The best thing about Sarah is that she's not invested in teaching you her method, she's really good at helping you find what's best for you. It's the first time that I have truly not regretted, for a second, spending money on a coach. I've had 3 coaches before.

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 Total Program Value: $6800 

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Instant Access to Bonus Courses

First call is January 12!

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1:1 Call Bonus with Sarah Expires Dec 1st 

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"By moving through the inner work, my content started to flow, and as it did, my money mindset started to expand. It felt as if a heavy weight that I had before has lifted."


featured in entrepreneur forbes yahoo
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