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Picture This...

Your Life in 6 Months

Doing Work You Love, Feeling Totally Fulfilled and Balanced Every Day!

I know you’re ready to leave behind the ordinary and embrace a life filled with magic and possibility, because I was too. And, I promise it’s even better than you’ve imagined.

Currently it probably feels overwhelming, and far away, so you end up taking small steps that never quite lead you to where you truly want to be.

You are not alone. I've worked with hundreds of women who have started in the same space.

That is exactly why I created Pivot to Purpose. Think of me as your loving guide, helping you step by step to manifest your dreams into reality this year… yes, I said this year.

This spacious supportive coaching program provides you with the time and direct support to map out and implement how to live your purpose and get where you need to be in the next 6 months, working through all your fears with grace.


I’ve been supporting others to make their dreams come true since 2014. I bring over a decade of experience in the coaching space but also my unique skill set, like being able to see the steps needed to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

I’ve helped over 500 women start their dream businesses and will be bringing those skills to our sessions as well.

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One thing that makes this program very unique is that I have a spiritual background, so in addition to the coaching and inner work, I will also be connecting with your higher self to map out the perfect course of action for you and your unique calling.

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Pivot to Purpose would be perfect for you if you identify with at least 1 of these points:

  • You feel called to do healing work but are currently in a different profession and unsure how to make the transition.
  • You dream of moving to another state (or Country!) but feel scared and uncertain about how to make it happen and need support to overcome the fear of making the wrong decision.
  • You’ve been living your life for others and need to start living for yourself, you have been driven by ego to prove your worth, but now seek to align your success with a genuine desire to help others.
  • You aspire to be promoted to a new position and want guidance to navigate the uncertainties and challenges of such a transition.
  • Where you are is not where you’re supposed to be but changing feels scary and you know you need support.
  • You have no idea what your purpose is but you’re ready to find out.
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Probably not you but... This would not be a good program for you if:

  • You're not ready to take responsibility for where you are and prefer to blame others
  • You are not going to prioritize time for our calls and the plan we co-create.
  • You’re looking for an “easy, get-rich-quick, tell me exactly what to do” program

If you are a good fit and want to do this with me, your life is going to look and feel wildly different in 6 months 🙂

Here are some things you can do with me by your side…

Transition from your job to full-time business ownership.
Relocate to a different state/country and live a more aligned life.
Gain total clarity on your purpose and begin training to live it.
START a new job after leaving a previous relationship.
Fully commit to your business, leading to significant growth.
Prioritize your own needs instead of always putting others first.
Finally, uncover your purpose and start living it.


Okay, let me break the program down for you ⬇️

Month 1

Discovering Your True Purpose

Includes but not limited to...

  • Things you like and don’t like about your current reality.
  • Why resistance is showing up and what it means so you can finally release it.
  • Specific inner work to clear any blocks from this life or past lives.
  • Big picture life visioning, what your dream looks like, and getting it out of your mind and into reality.

Month 2

Embracing Your Future Self: Overcoming Fear and Doubt

Includes but not limited to...

  • Dealing with Judgment and Criticism: Strategies to cope with fear of what others will think & rejection.
  • Techniques to shift from a fear-based mindset to one of possibility and empowerment.
  • Creating and implementing rituals that support your new life and are sustainable.
  • Identifying what support is needed so you feel safe moving forward.

Month 3

Practical Steps and Planning For Living Your Purpose

Includes but not limited to...

  • Step-by-step guidance on moving from where you currently are to where you want to be.
  • Relocation logistics - Practical steps for moving to a place, including timeline, housing, and building a support network.
  • Learning how to receive support and then building a support system that may include friends and family but may also include new people, mentors, and people you can lean on.

Month 4

Self-Care and Resilience: Nurturing Yourself Along Your Journey

Includes but not limited to...

  • Techniques for managing stress and maintaining balance during transitions.
  • Incorporating meditation, imagination, juicing, journaling, higher self-healing and other practices into daily life. *If you're already doing these, I'll share some tips for making them even more impactful. 

Month 5

Putting Your Purpose into Action: Implementation Strategies

Includes but not limited to...

  • Creating a detailed action plan with specific, achievable goals with milestones. We will adapt plans based on feedback gained up until this point so you can keep the momentum and stay committed to where you want to be.

Month 6

Navigating Next Steps: Adjusting Your Course with Confidence

Includes but not limited to...

  • Celebrating all you have done with a party, announcement, or celebration - whichever is the most fitting for you.
  • Planning for what is next and being fully supported in your next steps.

How the program works

This is an intimate 1:1 coaching program where I'll support and guide you every step of the way for the next 6 months to unlock your purpose and help you live it NOW.

For the first 4 months we will have coaching sessions twice a month, for the last 2 months we will have coaching calls once a month but will be checking in via text support.

We may spend more time in certain areas than others because you are unique and it’s important your pacing through this program reflects that.

Space is extremely limited as this is a very high-touch program and I can only take 3 clients in this program at one time, if you would like to work together, select your payment option below, and then you will get a link to book your first call.





(Save $400)

Full program + $2,750 in Bonuses!

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session in Mexico anytime in 2025 *you have to get yourself here though! ($600 Value)
  • 6 Months of Access in my Soulful Mastermind ($1800 Value)
  • Access to a private Q&A session after completion of the program ($250 Value)
  • Custom Healing Hypnosis Meditation ($100 Value)


4 x $1,400

4 Monthly Payments

Full program + $2,150 in Bonuses!

  • 6 Months of Access in my Soulful Mastermind ($1800 Value)
  • Access to a private Q&A session after completion of the program ($250 Value)
  • Custom Healing Hypnosis Meditation ($100 Value)


$2,200 Today

+ 5 Monthly Payments of $680

Full program + $2,150 in Bonuses!

  • 6 Months of Access in my Soulful Mastermind ($1800 Value)
  • Access to a private Q&A session after completion of the program ($250 Value)
  • Custom Healing Hypnosis Meditation ($100 Value)


 $16,750 VALUE 

Bi-weekly coaching calls for the first 4 months ($4800 Value)
Monthly calls for month 5 and 6 ($1200 Value)
Monday to Friday text support ($3000 Value)
Dedicated time and guidance for creating, visioning, dreaming, and planning ($1000 Value)
Actionable guides and personalized timelines ($2000 Value)
Detailed call notes with actionable homework to keep you on track ($1000 Value)
Access to a network of experts and resources to support your journey towards living your purpose ($1000 Value)
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PAID IN FULL BONUS: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session in Mexico anytime in 2025 *you have to get yourself here though! ($600 Value)
BONUS: 6 Months of Access in my Soulful Mastermind ($1800 Value)
BONUS: Access to a private Q&A session after completion of the program ($250 Value)
BONUS: Custom Healing Hypnosis Meditation ($100 Value)

$14,000 Value + Another $2,750 in Bonuses!

Join me and get the support and guidance you need to live your dream life now.



(Save $200)


4 x $1,350

4 Monthly Payments


$2,100 Today

+ 5 Monthly Payments of $660

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1:1 Call Bonus with Sarah Expires December 1st

Valued at: $16,750

Paid In Full: $5,200

Or pay in 4 months or 6 months


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"By moving through the inner work, my content started to flow, and as it did, my money mindset started to expand. It felt as if a heavy weight that I had before has lifted."



How much time will this program require, Sarah? I like to do all of the things 🙂
This program will be full-on but will give you more time to do the things you really love. I’m all about balance so anytime you're working or stressing aka doing things that steal your energy, I will let you know. The same is true if you are avoiding what needs to be done, I will let you know. Working with me is going to save you time, helping you get to your dream life faster.

I’ve already invested in the past, how do I know if I should do this or just wait until I can do it on my own?
If you were going to do it on your own, you would have by now. If you made it all the way to this point in the page, I think you know you’re doing this. Being nervous is totally normal, but once you breathe into it and remember I will be by your side you'll feel the excitement. 

I want to join but I’m scared?
Breathe into it. Check in with your heart. Ask yourself - what is the best that could happen? That is the space we will be creating from.


After you sign up you’ll get your welcome email with your next steps. 🩷🎉

I got you,

Sarah Hagstrom

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