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Do you feel like your light went out in 2023?

Like you lost your motivation and spark for living?

Ready to get it back?

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Love & Light Activation


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Hi, I'm Sarah, a seasoned health coach, inner work mentor, and spiritual business coach with a proven track record of guiding over 500 individuals in overcoming their limiting beliefs and going after their dreams.

Throughout my life journey, I've faced significant challenges, navigating a dysfunctional upbringing, digestion issues, being unable to walk for 6 months, and Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis), to name a few.

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These experiences have given me firsthand insight into what it’s like to feel lost but also the joy of making your comeback.

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Join me in this program and for 30 days we will reactivate your love and light.

"Sarah has literally upgraded my confidence in ways I cannot express through words."

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"Sarah, I just adore you!! I feel so grateful for your mentorship & friendship, it's beyond words! Thank you so much for all that you do to support & encourage me as well as the light I know you bring to countless others. You're one of those people that once others come in contact with you, their life is completely transformed 🩷"

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This program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to trust yourself and take action on your goals with confidence, no more second-guessing.
  • You’re ready to open your heart to experience love in all situations and experience top-tier health
  • You want to eat more plants and high-vibrational foods
  • You want to embrace your feminine energy and embody grace and softness.
  • You need a 30-day reset to form habits that allow you to feel happy again without taking too much time.

This program is not for you if:

- You want to fight for your limitations and are unwilling to keep an open mind.

- You’re looking for something intense, this is not an extreme or time-consuming program.

This program is all about small things you can do to reactivate the light and love inside you.

By the time we finish the program, you will:

Feel excited and motivated to reach your goals, life will feel easier, and more joyful. You will feel very clear about the direction you are headed in.
Be glowing, there will be a light emitting from your being that will be recognizable to yourself and others, this will be from the high vibrational foods but also from the inner work you will have done.
Experience new opportunities, things that 30 days ago you wouldn’t feel worthy or ready for, but now you not only accept them but you expect them. You feel worthy and no longer like an imposter.
Form new habits, from spending a month doing high vibrational activities and coaching. These positive changes become part of your everyday routine, laying the groundwork for more growth, joy, abundance and healing in your life.

What is included in this program:

Weekly live trainings with me

During these trainings you can join me live and ask your questions, these are recorded so you can catch the replay if that is better for you ($500 Value)

  • How to connect and trust your inner guidance + soul
  • How to release anger and other low vibrational emotions
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome so you can show up with confidence
  • Clarity around what actions to take to reach your goal
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Weekly affirmations, accountability check-ins, and activities to raise your vibration

These will help you stay consistent, motivated and inspired throughout our time together ($100 Value)

A 30-Day Plan

You will get a complete checklist so you know what to work on each day to become more loving, light, and confident ($99 Value)

My favorite plant-based recipes

Ones I eat every week that you will LOVE ($100 Value)

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Private Community

A place to connect with me and the other women going through this program ($200 Value)

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Increase Your Vibration Bonuses!

Walk Into Your Worth Guided Walking Meditation ($50 Value)

A 20 minute guided meditation to connect with your worth and raise your vibration.

Confidence Mini Course ($99 Value)

Use this to step into your most confident self and achieve your goals.

confidence mini course inner flow
confidence mini course inner flow

Let It Go Guided Visualization ($30 Value)

Perfect to do when you have feelings or thoughts that are no longer serving you and are ready to be released.

If you know love and light are available to you, if you’re ready to live your most confident life but need some help releasing old habits and mindsets that are no longer serving you, join me for 30 days of activation and accountability.

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 Total Value: $1278 

Your Price: $450

Only 10 spots

1:1 Call Bonus with Sarah Expires December 1st

If you’re ready to make your comeback, to live a life of love and light, join me for 30 days of activation and accountability. Regain your spark for life.

Sign up today as there are limited spots available for the first round, starting January 29th. Don’t miss your chance to do some powerful coaching and activation with me.

The best thing about Sarah is that she's not invested in teaching you her method, she's really good at helping you find what's best for you.

“I have found Sarah Hagstrom's coaching style to be really powerful. She's gentle and nurturing but really zeros in on the blocks quickly. Not only that but she helps me to find the solution and the right tools to quickly get unstuck. Things are flowing so much more easily in my life now and knowing Sarah is on hand to help move me in the right direction is a comfort and a catalyst. The best thing about Sarah is that she's not invested in teaching you her method, she's really good at helping you find what's best for you. It's the first time that I have truly not regretted, for a second, spending money on a coach. I've had 3 coaches before.

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Total Value: $1278

Price: $450


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Instant Access to Bonus Course

Program starts January 29!

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1:1 Call Bonus with Sarah Expires Dec 1st 

What happens next: You will get an email with your pre-work and 30-day calendar, we officially start on January 29th and go for 30 days 🎉🩷

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"By moving through the inner work, my content started to flow, and as it did, my money mindset started to expand. It felt as if a heavy weight that I had before has lifted."



How long will I have access to this program?

You will have lifetime access to the program. While it is a 30-day live program, after it finishes you’ll still have access to all of the material to use whenever you’d like.

When are the live trainings?

The trainings will take place at a different day and time each week to accommodate as many as possible, I will post the schedule once enrollment ends. That being said, I designed the program so you can watch the replays and get the same amount of value. Most people these days like to watch my trainings at a time that works best for them.

Are there refunds?

While there are no refunds for this program, I can assure that you will get a ton of value out of everything included. You will have lifetime access to the material and if you don’t get the results or feel stuck, I’d be happy to jump on a 1:1 call and support you.

I am so excited, not sure if I should upgrade to the 1:1 option?

The program is going to be so much fun and will allow you to tap into high vibrations, abundance and so much clarity no matter what option you choose. However if you know you could benefit from a little more hand holding, go for the 1:1 - you deserve it. 😉

featured in entrepreneur forbes yahoo
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