When you take time to get to know yourself (i.e., do the inner work), you uncover things you may have been unaware of. Patterns, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that keep you from making money, receiving money, saving money, investing money, and so on. 

If you believe you are not worthy of abundance, taking the inspired action needed to make money will be difficult for you. 

If you are forcing yourself to use social media to share your work but don’t enjoy it, you will be stuck in an internal conflict that keeps you from reaching the people who can benefit the most from your gifts. 

Inner work starts with awareness; the next step is doing the work, which includes but isn’t limited to infusing more love, joy, and intention to tap into who you are at the soul level to create a life you desire. 

If you’ve tried all the strategies and yet making money, signing clients, or clarity around your business is still missing, this is a sign you have inner work to do.

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One belief can keep you out of harmony from the money you desire. The power of doing the inner work is it will bring that belief to light and allow you to reprogram it. 

You will also be able to reimagine your past to better support the reality you are currently working on creating. 

If you judge other business owners, you’re likely to judge yourself and never launch your thing because you feel it needs to be better, or you’ll launch and get exactly what you expected, i.e. people thinking your program isn’t worth it. 

Celebrating others and sending them images of their success will attract more success and abundance to yourself. 

If you think everyone has something better to offer than you, you’ll play small and not give your work the “press release” it deserves. 

If you believe the only way to get ahead is hard work, you’ll miss out on the magic created when you’re in the Flow State. 

If you’re always looking outside of yourself for answers, you’ll spend a lot of time working on things that worked for others but aren’t the perfect fit for your embodiment. 

If you believe you always need more money, you won’t appreciate what you do have, and won’t be able to hold enough money for the lifestyle you want to live. 

I remember when I decided to start doing the inner work, it was a Saturday, and I was feeling sorry for myself, but I didn’t want to sit in my funk; I wanted to change things and be inspired, so I started watching a spiritual documentary, it gave me hope and reminded me that I get to create my reality. I can focus on what’s not working or be an active participant in creating what I do want my life and business to look like.

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It was at that moment that I decided I would fully commit to the inner work; if our souls are here to grow and evolve then we can create whatever we desire. I knew if I could work through my blocks and learned patterns from this lifetime and others, I could have whatever business I wanted, as much money as I needed, and an endless supply of peace. 

If you’ve tried every strategy and still feel stuck, if you’ve been working on rebuilding your relationship with money, clients, or business for years, give the inner work a try – what do you have to lose? 

Or, more importantly, think of everything you have to gain. 

Do the inner work with us – Inner Money Flow is a lifetime access group program that walks you through inner work paired with the law of attraction to help you gain clarity, share your gifts, and attract all the money + abundance you desire.


Sarah Hagstrom
Sarah Hagstrom

Co-Founder of The Inner Flow Co.