This show is for entrepreneurs who desire a life of abundance and success while still staying true to their desires for a balanced, joyful life.

In addition to trusting the process, we will also cover how to start sharing your gifts, and release attachments.

At the end we’ll share affirmations, and a powerful experience to play with during the week ahead.

Here is an overview of what we’ll be covering:

What do we mean by trust the process?

  • What you desire
  • Connection to self / going within
  • Asking for guidance / aligned action
  • Getting into and maintaining a flow state

What trust looks like

  • Not being attached to the form or past
  • Paying attention to when you are closed off and opening yourself up
  • Connection to heart / soul
  • Knowing that you will be taken care of
  • Visualizing the best outcome for yourself

This show is hosted by Sarah and Peter Hagstrom, the creators of Inner Money Flow.

Our work has always been about balance, trying easier, and providing services that empower others. You can read more about us here.


Peter Hagstrom
Peter Hagstrom

Co-Founder of The Inner Flow Co.