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Everyone loves the idea of being able to get whatever they want whenever they want it.

But let’s be real, while we wish the things we wanted came to us faster, just imagine the consequences of thinking about what you didn’t want? When we have low-energy thoughts or dwell on our fears, we would end up attracting those things into our lives.

This is why manifestation doesn’t happen super fast in the beginning, because you are being protected from the shadow side of this process.

In this article I want to share with you the 2 main techniques for manifestation, and when you’d want to use them.

All manifestation methods fall under two categories:

  1. Using the mind
  2. Using the heart

This is the difference between thinking of something and bringing it into physical reality, and feeling the essence of something until it’s created.

While both methods work, using the heart is generally more effective because you are more aligned with the vibration of what you’re creating and detached from the outcome.

When you use visualization, the imagery you use will be very specific. Sort of like the expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Whereas with feelings you are engaging with the more subtle details of what you are attracting. By doing so you become more emotionally connected to what you want than you could attain with visualization alone.

Using emotion is highly suggested with any manifestation efforts, and when using the heart method you are primarily focused on feelings and essence.

using emotion with manifesting

Emotion acts as an amplifier for attracting what you want. Using the mind by itself can still draw in your desire, but adding in powerful feelings such as appreciation and gratitude will accelerate the whole process.

You may also see how this can work against what people want in life, as alway thinking about the worst that could happen, their fears, or past mistakes, will also generate these experiences to some extent. As you become more mindful of what you’re thinking about and how you’re feeling about it you’ll be able to interrupt those less desirable things from actually coming to fruition. 🫣

Releasing any attachments to the outcome is very important for manifesting anything. In order for you to get what you truly want you must trust that it will come to you if and when you are ready for it. You must understand that you aren’t the one in control, it’s the universe that’s in charge.

Think about how you respond when someone is being too overbearing and attempting to get you to do something – it’s the same thing with the law of attraction; you need to chill. If it’s meant to be it will happen.

So, if you’re ever trying to manifest something that just isn’t coming, there are two likely reasons:

  • You’re too attached or trying to control
  • It’s not in your highest good

Above I mentioned that it’s the ‘universe that’s in charge’, which is partially true, but your higher self is also looking out for your best interest.

Think of your higher self as a version of you but with a greater perspective of your life. Your higher self is “the one” who arranges events, coincidences, situations and circumstances that will help you create the experiences you’ve been trying to manifest.

The most basic manifestation methods use thoughts & beliefs

What you think about and what your beliefs are will make up the bulk of your manifestations in life.

This is because our minds are very active, and we can have upwards of 6,000 thoughts every day. While we’re awake we can catch ourselves when thinking lower thoughts, but during sleep you’re operating unconsciously – so whatever patterns you have will continue to play out in your dreams.

The good news is you can change this significantly over time. Reprogramming your mind is something that happens when you’re more consciously aware, especially when you know how manifesting works.

One of the hardest shifts for most people is beginning to take responsibility for everything that happens in life; without any exceptions. Not one. It may seem impossible that someone else couldn’t be the reason why x, y or z happened – but it’s all in line with the laws of the universe.

mind manifestation method

Mind manifestation method

This is the most popular choice for manifesting, and the one you’re most likely familiar with.

As the method implies, the mind method is all about thought and images. What it requires you to do is choose the form that you wish to create, whether it’s money, a car, a house, relationship, etc.

The tricky part of using this is to then not attach yourself to this specific form that you are spending time concentrating on – as it may show up in a different or even better way than you are picturing.

The first mind method is visualization, and there are two ways to do this…

Physical visualization

Think vision boards created out of magazine clippings, Pinterest boards full of images, drawing a picture, or painting something that resembles what you ultimately desire.

The reason this is called physical visualization is because you’re using images outside of yourself to help generate the outcome.

Mental visualization

This is the internal method of visualization, where you’re again picturing what you want to show up in your reality, except you’re using the power of your imagination. This could be done in a brief meditation or even just taking a few minutes every day to day dream.

Although this method does take more time and energy than the physical method, you’re able to get more into the essence of what you’re creating.

Here you begin to go deeper with your thoughts, so it’s not just money, you’re also identifying with the feelings associated with it, like how it feels to be of service, what it feels like to be supported and valued. The car is no longer just a flashy thing that the ego wants, now you can feel grateful for having reliable transportation. The house is not just something to check off your life list, it’s a place you can call your own and feel safe and comfortable in.

Not everyone is able to visualize with their minds, so if that’s true for you, skip down to affirmations, writing, or the heart method for a better option.

Here’s an example of how to do this:

Take a moment and close your eyes. Feel yourself relaxing and let go of any thoughts that are occupying your mind. Start to think of what you want to manifest. What is the first image that comes to your mind? If it is an object, what does its shape, color, size look like? If it’s a person, what qualities do they have that you’re drawn to? If it’s money, what are the ways it’s showing up, and what are you able to do with this new abundance?

There is no limit to the amount of ways you can find to think of, picture, and interact with this outcome. Push yourself to imagine different aspects of the same thing, or ways of engaging with it.


Using affirmations is the other type of mind manifestation. Here you are using meaningful statements to influence your thoughts and beliefs in effort to evolve old patterns and form new ones that have a higher frequency.

When selecting or creating affirmations, it’s really important to make sure they resonate at a deep level. There is so much power in words and language, and that’s how even the most basic statements for some people are worth having as a tattoo on their body.

A great way to come up with a powerful affirmation is to think of something in your life you want to change, and what beliefs come up for you around that which are keeping you stuck in your current reality. Then, find the opposite of that and play with the words until you feel it in your core.

Here’s a manifesting example:

Say you want more money, but you don’t believe you deserve it, and that it will make you a bad person. Your affirmation might be something like ‘I am a great person and deserve to have all the money I desire’.

Again, it’s important that you make this your own, everyone needs something a little different – and also make sure to update your affirmations as you outgrow the old ones. When it feels less powerful, it’s time to retire it.

There are no limits to the ways you can use affirmations, so adapt them to all of your manifestations: situations, goals, outcomes, objects, relationships, etc.


Journaling is also a great practice for making your dreams come true. Think of everything you can around what you want to manifest, and include as much detail as possible. Find a time that works for you every day to spend writing in your journal, and try to cover a different aspect of what you’re creating each time you write. Make this process your own by also including affirmations and little doodles as well; any expression you come up with is perfect as long as it’s meaningful.

heart manifestation method

Heart manifestation method

The concept of using the heart for manifesting may seem a little strange, but the way this works goes beyond our understanding of the heart as only a physical organ.

Another way to imagine the heart is as an energy center. All humans actually have a toroidal energy field around their hearts.

We can do some incredible things as humans. For example, you can move your awareness to any part of your body with your intent.

Try moving your awareness right now. Imagine your awareness being in your brain; what does it feel like here? Then move it to your throat; what is your experience like here, and how is it different from the brain? Now move it to your heart; what does this feel like, and what shifts do you notice in your consciousness? When you are centered in your heart you have a more expanded perspective.

This is what I mean by manifesting with your heart, you are connecting with a deeper level of energy, and are moving from thought alone to feeling and sensing.

The reason why this method is more powerful than using just the mind is because you’re operating at a higher level of frequency. When using your imagination while centered in the heart space you can more powerfully connect and engage with the essence of what you’re creating.

As mentioned before, it’s better to have less attachment to the form of the outcome you’re manifesting, and with this method you’re doing that automatically.

Experiencing the Essence

Here’s an example of how you would do this:

Say you want to manifest a new place to live. Close your eyes, move your awareness to your heart, and start to imagine your new residence. What does it look like? How does it feel to be there? What emotions are coming up? Are there other people around sharing this experience with you? What smells are present; flowers, trees, grass, water? What textures of furniture are inside and how do they feel? Finally, try to imagine this whole experience as energy; what symbols, colors or feelings are coming up?

Some of this may seem similar to visualization; but that would only be true if you were able to visualize, as not everyone is able to. When you’re in the heart space you can skip ahead to the deeper sensations that make manifestation more effective, and your experience in becomes much more robust and profound.

Other benefits from the heart method:

  • You are in the present moment. There is no concept of past or future here, which allows you to send 100% of your energy into what you’re focusing on.
  • You are more likely to create positive outcomes for you and others. When inside the heart space you are more detached from your ego, and more connected to your soul. When it comes to the greater perspective in life, your soul always knows what’s in the highest good for everyone affected by your manifestations.

Vibrational Harmony

Another thing you can try is tapping into the frequency of what you want to create. The only way you can have any experience is if you’re in vibrational resonance with it.

Here’s an example:

Say you want to manifest a new job. Now, imagine that you’ve gotten this job; what is your life like now? How does this experience feel in your body?

What you’ve already begun to do is connect to the essence of what you want to create, and you are actually having a similar experience in your own energetic field. So, if you hold this frequency, and go about your life, taking inspired action, you will eventually have this experience by getting that job or another that creates a similar feeling in your body.

This brings up two more points we need to make to sum things up.

First, you need to keep yourself in the vibration of what you’re wanting to create, so when the opportunity presents itself you’ll be compatible with it. This also means you need to release the current vibrational state from your “old reality” and adopt this new one, and hold it in your present awareness until it fully manifests.

Second, you must take inspired action after any manifestation methods you use. Always take some action right away, as the only way something can show up in your physical world is if you take physical action. This could be making a phone call, sending an email, writing, etc – do the first thing that pops into your mind; don’t overthink it, just trust your intuition.


As I mentioned before, both the mind and heart methods work well and are effective as they put you in vibrational resonance with what you’re focusing on.

Visualizing what you want is great, but connecting with the essence of it will draw it to you even faster as you’re more deeply aligning with it energetically.

That being said, I encourage you to practice both manifestation methods and decide for yourself.

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Peter Hagstrom
Peter Hagstrom

Co-Founder of The Inner Flow Co.