Kayu is a mother of two lovely daughters, a bilingual holistic coach, a writer, and dedicated to living a life of peace, comfort, and happiness.

The video features a beautiful woman who shares her experience of joining Inner Money Flow to strengthen her self-connection. She discusses how life’s difficulties caused her to lose the self-assurance she possessed as a child and how this program helped her regain it.

How Inner Money Flow helps you as a Mom:

  • Reconnect to your center, get to know who you are at your core, and discover how you can move through life with purpose and fulfillment. 
  • Take back control of your time. Our program will guide you in identifying your top priorities, enabling you to be fully present and energized for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Overcome any fears or doubts that are hindering your progress in business and relationships, allowing you to reveal your authentic self to your children.
  • Receive the assistance you need in the program. You can connect with numerous other moms, along with Sarah & Peter, as you learn to operate from a place of love and joy rather than fear and anxiety. 

Attention all moms!

Are you ready to break free from your learned patterns?

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Sarah Hagstrom
Sarah Hagstrom

Co-Founder of The Inner Flow Co.