All coaches are going to benefit immensely from our Inner Money Flow program.

On our coaching journey we were taught to use many strategies, but strategy can only take you so far. In Inner Money Flow you will learn how to tap into your inner guidance to develop your own business growth path. I promise this will be more powerful than anything else you do.

No more looking outside of yourself for the solutions to grow your business and share your gifts, join us and we’ll teach you how to tap into your higher self and get the best information for you and your unique soul.

You know there is a better way to grow your coaching business.
There is a reason why you’re drawn to our inner work approach.
You are ready to show up as your most authentic self.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • No more burnout trying to keep up with the latest business trends
  • Save at least 12 hours a week with this method vs a traditional business model
  • Experience more ease and flow when it comes to sharing your gifts and accepting abundance
  • Release the doubt, fear, and comparison that has been keeping you from starting and growing your business to it’s fullest potential
  • Spiritual growth and healing, in the most loving and safe space. You will know yourself better than ever before.
  • Lifetime support, we’ll be with as long as you want to do this work.

You have a big message to share, and we will help you share it in a way that reaches those who need it most.

Perks 😉

  • Save time – no more having to hustle
  • Save money – we’re going to teach you how to tap into your higher self for business growth so you never have to invest in another program or business coach again

Hear Dana’s experience with Inner Money Flow as a coach:

It’s time to grow through joy and ease and with an amazing community doing this work with you.

Learn more and join us here.


Sarah Hagstrom
Sarah Hagstrom

Co-Founder of The Inner Flow Co.