This report is sharing the shifts IMF members have been experiencing while doing the inner work needed to grow their businesses in a way that feels best to them. 

This report will be helpful for you if you’ve been experiencing lack of time, burnout, or an overwhelming pressure that keeps you from moving forward in your business.

inner money flow report

Inner Money Flow will allow you to connect with your inner guidance in 12 weeks, so you can start running your business with less pressure and better results.

Read what our members are experiencing since doing the Going Within, Releasing Attachments, and Overcoming Doubt, Fear & Overwhelm trainings + group sessions. 

MEMBER: Since joining IMF I’m putting a lot less pressure on myself, it feels more heart focused, more flowey. My energy feels more centered and grounded, it’s made things easier.

MEMBER: My business feels a lot more relaxed, stress free and it is turning into something that I know I will be growing personally with it for a while in a good sense.

MEMBER: I’m Letting go of the “I should’s” and being okay with making my own path. I’ve let go of a lot of self doubt I was carrying around. Self doubt kills my inspiration and confidence – it doesn’t serve me and needs to go.

Also I’m beginning to feel like I can receive goodness and happiness. I think it goes together with releasing self doubt. When I’m feeling inspired and confident, I am also able to feel worthy of good things”

MEMBER: One of the biggest things is permission to lean inward and not having to feel pressure to do all the things but aligning with possibilities and then flowing with what feels good in the day.

MEMBER: This felt so good to journal about. I feel like I’ve left my doubts and fears on the page and have released it from my body. I need to give myself ** I AM giving myself the permission to trust my intuition and inner guidance, because I do believe I’m here to serve a higher good and by doing so I will be able to bring it forth, feel in the flow and become financially abundant.

MEMBER: I loved this training and reflection questions!  I am all in my head, a lot! I realized that I am attached to a story that does not serve me any purpose. I also need to surrender to what is – the season of life that I am in at the moment, and by surrendering, I won’t suffer as much any more.

MEMBER: I have really been trying to give myself some grace with everything I have going on in life and just keep faith that I am attracting all the things that I want for my business to me even without posting on social media every day.  I put the following “wish list” out to the universe pretty early on when IMF began: I wanted to secure part time work with a holistic practitioner to have some steady income while I build my own business and an opportunity to continue to learn and grow as part of a team which is something I miss about having a job in the corporate world. Result: I was contacted in late February about a potential contract role with a local holistic doctor, went through an interview process, accepted an offer late last week and started my training today!

MEMBER: I’m releasing hustle/allowing ease and not entangling in low vibe situations. I’ve had several awesome connections with long term spiral effects ahead, signed a couple new clients and have more creativity.

MEMBER: I feel I have taken the pressure off. I am still working on releasing the attachment to the outcome, however, I definitely feel like I have more energy for my business. I am happier with the kids and more present. I am able to see joy with them every day instead of just going with the motion of should’s and have to’s.

MEMBER: I’ve had an emotionally draining week, so when I finally took some time to work on my goals for the week, I was not in a high vibration. Even though I only had 2 hours of work time, I decided to start my time off with a meditation. Wow! I needed that! I was able to release the tension. Tears followed. I am not one to cry easily… even sharing this makes me uncomfortable… but this is my expression of gratitude. I am thankful for that moment to slow down, release, and be filled with new energy to put towards my work. There so so much power in slowing down and receiving what God has for me. The work that followed was easy, effortless and filled me up – instead of feeling panicked and drained from forcing it to happen.

Affirmation our members are loving:

I’m fully supported by my inner-being and I’m more than okay no matter what.

I hope you loved this report and we’re excited to continue publishing these and keep you updated on what is happening inside of Inner Money Flow.

Here are a few new features we’re excited about this month: The 12 week Spiritual Path For Entrepreneurs Recovering from Burnout and the Constant Need to ‘Do’, training on releasing attachments, Let it go guided meditation and visualization and our upcoming group session on releasing the pressure and attachments in your business. 

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Sarah Hagstrom
Sarah Hagstrom

Co-Founder of The Inner Flow Co.