Manifest a new reality while sharing your gifts with ease.

Call in an abundance of money, joy, peace and freedom.

INNER MONEY FLOW is for anyone wanting to combine Inner Work with Manifestation.

You don’t have to be a business owner, but we will help you get clarity around your gifts and how to share them with the world. 

This program teaches our manifestation process for sharing your work with others and enjoying all the abundance & peace you desire.

No more needing to be plugged into social media ❌

We’re no longer trying to fit into a tiny box of how everyone else has defined success. 

Your potential is bigger than one strategy, and it's inside of you; you know this deep within your heart.

This program will help you create your unique strategy, one that you love and can maintain.

Inner Money Flow has allowed me to look at my past and reimagine the outcomes and focus on the future with no attachment to outcomes. I can now be in the present living my best life creating and offering my knowledge to others so they live their best lives.

karen inner money flow

Karen H

She is calling in her abundance

Sarah, look at me calling in my people 😉 I’ve been training myself to not take anything personally. I’m more compassionate with people because I know what they are going through has nothing to do with me & instead of meeting them at their energy level, I consciously choose to vibrate high & be extra kind to them - a HUGE shift for me. I'm feeling really high vibe lately & I am so grateful! I feel more bubbly, energetic, outgoing, excited about life & genuinely compassionate toward others. This high vibe has brought many positive changes into my life.

Member, Inner Money Flow

Meet your guides

Hi, we’re Sarah and Peter - Spiritual teachers and entrepreneurs 👋

We’ve worked with over 500 wellness coaches, helping them create and launch their programs into the world. 

Before that, we worked as health coaches helping others transform their health for 5 years. 

Our work has always been about balance, trying easier, and providing services that empower others.

sarah and peter hagstrom

Peter and I have been entrepreneurs since 2014; we know what it’s like to do work you love and be in the flow, but we also know what it’s like to feel totally stuck and blocked from the life you’ve imagined. 

In 2022 we had a wake-up call that allowed us to move into a more heart-centered space and see how we could help all of us fulfill our life's purpose.

We discovered the current way of doing business is not the future; maybe you’ve experienced burnout or felt extremely limited when it comes to sharing what you love with the world?

We can't force our way to abundance, it's not in the busy work or the next strategy from some business expert - it's through doing the inner work: remove your obstacles and getting into the flow state.

This program is all about becoming confident in yourself, your life work and moving forward with intention.

Who this program is for

Former Type A Personalities - If you’ve done all the strategies and tried your hardest and now want an easier model that allows you to get results without comprising anything this is for you. PS! This is 100% Sarah.
Those who are easy going and want a program that meets you where you’re at while outlining the steps to get to all of your desires. This isn’t the program that is going to make you hustle your face off or make you feel bad about where you’re at in life.
life purpose affirmation
If you’re ready to step into your most confident self, become an expert at manifestation and work through your limiting beliefs around money, scarcity mentality and not enoughness, join us today.

What we’re teaching in this program requires no social media or fitting into a tiny box of a coach or teacher, this is for anyone who wants to share their gifts in a way that leads to an unlimited abundance of money, time & fulfillment. Join us for more money but also more confidence and peace 🙏 

You are here for a reason, let's manifest a new reality together.

I knew I wanted to expand the capacity of my money mindset. I didn't now how. Through our work, I realized that I still had a "scarcity mindset”about money. And by slowly moving through the inner work, my content started to flow, and as it did, my money mindset started to expand. It felt as if a heavy weight that I had before has lifted.

kayu manifestation

Kayu H

She is using the flow state to grow

I wrote out my WEBSITE COPY!!! It flowed, then it didn't, then it flowed again. Thank you for showing me the way to a flow state and to TRUST the process!! The flow comes and it goes, but that means it will flow again! I made so much more progress by taking a break vs pushing through. I love this new balanced approach to growing my business!

shera testimonial

Shera J

Join us if you:

Want to learn how to share your gifts and attract people who will benefit from them most in the most natural way.
Want to work on your money mindset and become the best version of yourself
Are ready to call in and keep more money than ever before
Want to learn the best manifestation methods for money, abundance and opportunities
Want to attract more clients & customers to your business
Desire balance, peace, and ease in your professional and home life
Are open to doing inner work, talking about spirituality, and ok with the woo
Are tired of trying to copy everyone else's version of success, you’re tired of having to play games and learn new strategies every year, you want to tap into your own inner wisdom.
Are ready to release the need to grind, hustle, and busy yourself.
Are open to moving past the fear, doubt, and overwhelm that has been keeping you stuck
Excited to learn how to run a business without it taking up all of your time ⌛️

So what are we covering in this manifestation & growth program?

Inner Money Flow has two parts...

    1. The Inner Work - helping you remove any blocks or limitations you picked up over the years. 
    2. All about manifestation, helping you use the laws of the universe to work smarter not harder. 

    Let us break it down:

    PART 1: Inner Work Foundations

    Going Within - how to get quiet and access your inner power, as well as how often to do it and when it's helpful. We have a very popular visualization exercise in this section that our members love doing.

    Healing 'Not Enoughness' with Self-Love - many of us deprive ourselves of love, and amazing transformations happen when we allow ourselves to shift into unconditional self acceptance. This is crucial to accepting abundance, opportunities, and showing up with confidence.

    Gaining Confidence and Trust in Yourself - this a combination of reprograming habits that are no longer serving you with energy work to shift you into the reality where you desire to be: confident, real, on purpose and peaceful.

    flow state affirmation

    Overcoming Doubt, Fear & Overwhelm - there's nothing more liberating than releasing thoughts and beliefs that are not only holding you back, but keeping you stuck and experiencing recurring negative emotions. Let's us teach you our method for transforming this. 

    Releasing Attachment - Getting out of your head, letting go of habits and thought patterns that no longer serve you, such as - It’s too late for me, I’m not ready, It’s not the right time, I’m not good enough, I’m not qualified enough, I’ll never have the money I crave, or It never works for me, as well as being attached to outside validation and the form in which your business takes off. When you release this you open yourself up to happiness & success beyond your wildest dreams.

    Fostering your relationship with money - Preparing you to be able to handle more money so you’re ready for it when it comes. This is about having more than enough so you feel taken care of and can share your abundance with others. This is waiting for you now.

    She is doing the inner work

    I’m releasing hustle/allowing ease and not entangling in low vibe situations. I’ve had several awesome connections with long term spiral effects ahead, signed a couple new clients and have more creativity.

    shauna inner work business


    I truly love all of these sessions. I get so much out of them. Thoroughly enjoying getting clear on what it is I want to call in and what I want to work on.

    Jodie inner flow


    PART 2: Manifestation Fundamentals

    You create your own reality - helping you understand how exactly this universe works to deliver exactly what you need + want to experience.

    The Daily Manifestation Method - This is our signature manifestation process for working with the universe to bring you what you desire, once you learn this you can do this in 5 minutes a day. You’ll use this for clients, money, opportunities and anything else you desire.

    manifestation affirmation

    Share your gifts for the biggest impact - Gaining clarity on how you can help others, without having to be someone you’re not. You are perfect as you are and ever-evolving. No more forcing your way to your highest potential, you know that doesn't work anyways.

    Getting in the flow - This will teach you to connect to your inner guidance so you start doing what you love and want to do, rather than what you think you should be doing. Yes, it can really be this good. And, you will save so much time!

    Maintaining the flow state - Learning how to hold the light and not allow other people or circumstances to move you outside of your higher path.

    Using your experiences to grow - See how to shift your past challenges and struggles into a tool for growth and insight for you and all those who interact with your work. This will allow you to suspend time and reach your goals faster than you've ever done before.

    manifestation affirmation

    Calling in your people - We’ll be teaching you how you can connect with those who need your talents & abilities and will pay for it, with or without social media; you are not limited to one method. Once you learn this, you will have an infinite number of ways to attract clients and customers to your work.

    Unpacking business strategies - Learn how to release knowledge given to you by 'experts' that no longer serves you, so you can trust your own wisdom and guidance that's just waiting for you to tune in.

    Your Support for Deeper Growth + Abundance

    15+ Training Videos - These 20-30 minute videos will allow you to gain clarity, uncover blocks, and have the aha moments you need to create the life you’ve imagined for yourself.

    Weekly Exercises - Allowing you to go deeper and implement everything you are learning. These look like journal prompts, visualizations, meditations, etc.

    Monthly Live Group Sessions with Sarah & Peter -  These are your opportunities to ask questions, deepen your understanding, and increase your results. These are on Zoom, with all calls recorded for future reference. Members find they get so much out of what others share and are experiencing while implementing this work. This monthly call will fill up your cup in ways you didn't know you needed. We look forward to them every month.

    I did the visualization and had the most profound experience... honestly one of the most surreal meditations I've ever had. Thank you Sarah and Peter.

    Member, Inner Money Flow

    Community Abundance Group - This is an easy-to-access private group outside of social media to connect with others in the program and work through the trainings and share what is coming up for you. You'll share your results, questions, and be able to chat with others in the program. Sarah and Peter also answer your questions and give feedback in the group. 

    Private Chat Channel with Sarah - We created this so our community could share in private, ask questions and get support on a more personal level. 

    Lifetime access to material, community, support (everything!) - Your access to the Inner Money Flow program does not expire. This is on ongoing group program.

    Guided visualization & meditation exercises - to help you go within, connect, and get the most out of what your soul has to offer you (which is limitless!) Members have shared that these meditations have opened their hearts like nothing they've experienced before. These are professional quality with sound healing music in the background.

    Since joining IMF I’m putting a lot less pressure on myself, it feels more heart focused, more flowey. My energy feels more centered and grounded, it’s made things easier.

    Member, Inner Money Flow

    I am thankful for that moment to slow down, release, and be filled with new energy to put towards my work. There so so much power in slowing down and receiving what God has for me. The work that followed was easy, effortless and filled me up – instead of feeling panicked and drained from forcing it to happen.

    Member, Inner Money Flow

    $6,700 in Sales

    Sarah encouraged me to stop doing sale calls if they weren’t feeling good. Instead, she helped me structure a live training direct to my program’s sale page, so I could have more time for other things in my business that bring me joy.

    I could let my business go on autopilot while still making passive income for the first time. I went on vacation for four days and made $6,700 in sales that week without any sales calls.

    stephanie manifestation


    Growth & Abundant Bonuses!

    The 'You Can Trust Yourself' Method

    This is a 12 week guide walking you though how to balance your emotions and move through self-doubt so you can manifest the results in life you desire the most. ($200 Value)

    manifestation methods inner flow
    overcome burnout guide

    Guide to Regulating your Nervous System, Overcoming Burnout & The Constant Need To 'Do'

    This guide is all about recovering from hustle culture and removing the need to do more so you can tap into unlimited clarity, joy, money and freedom. You know life can be even better than it is now; use this guide to help you create it. ($200 Value)

    overcome burnout guide

    How great can this be?

    Let us share...

    Uncover & remove blocks that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck.
    Share your gifts with ease for the greatest benefit to you and everyone you serve.
    Reach and exceed your money goals.
    Attract customers without sacrificing balance, family, peace, love or joy.
    Tap into your inner wisdom so you no longer search for answers outside of yourself.
    Learn new marketing techniques that inspire and excite you - ones no one is talking about.
    Set up a business that’s long-lasting with clients & customers you love.
    Deepen your relationship with yourself and see things in a new light.
    Experience exponential growth, love and joy
    Learn how to manifest your deepest desires without attachment
    Connect with others who want the best for you and support you 100%.

    Join us and discover tools you will have for the rest of your life.

    It’s time to tap into your gifts and start sharing them in a way that’s energizing, not exhausting. 

    This is your invitation to gain lifetime access to a program that will support your true nature, heal your relationship with yourself - money - success, and help you share your life's work.

    manifestation methods graphic

    This is the future of operating in the world: sharing our gifts and experiencing so much abundance and fulfillment when we do.

    Instead of wondering if you’ll share your gifts and make the difference, or buying another program that teaches you limited business strategies that leave you burnt out and stuck, say no to more surface level strategies. Let’s go within.

    Inner Money Flow is for those who know they are meant for big things and with the right tools know they will manifest everything they desire and more. You don’t have to be a coach, and you don’t have to use social media. 

    We’re opening up endless possibilities and opportunities for you to share your life's work with confidence & ease.

    Earned 3x back with Inner Money Flow

    I wanted to create an extra $1000 in income, and I quickly did that by making $1500.00 in OT. Working extra hours isn’t usually an option, but I was assigned to help with a project. Although, it wasn’t channeled through my business, it still came in! It’s extra money to put toward my business and now I have clarity on my program and the keywords clients use so I can call in my people.

    mindy earned 3x back


    The space that you provide is absolutely astounding, and quite profound. I have been so scared of putting myself out into the universe as a health coach because of limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and negative affirming thoughts. I have been trying to reimplement a lot of my daily habits like meditation, gratitude practices, and working on my mindset, and really implementing the practices in this program. Today was the first day that somebody has gone to my website and booked a consultation with me. Thank you for giving us a community to grow in while still discovering things within us.

    kimber flow state growing


    Join Inner Money Flow

    If you’re ready to go on a journey where you finally learn a manifestation method of reaching your goals, sharing your gifts and attracting money, customers, clients, and abundance in a way that is aligned with you, join us in Inner Money Flow.

    1 Payment


    Save 10%

    Payment Plan


    3 Monthly Payments

    $19,900 worth of trainings, resources, feedback & support!

    15+ Weekly Video Trainings: Helping you uncover and share your work with the world ($7,500 Value)
    Weekly exercises to help you manifest more money, customers and opportunities without burnout and with more joy ($750 Value)
    Monthly Group Sessions with Sarah + Peter …come connect with your abundant community! ($6,000 Value)
    5+ Guided Meditations ($250 Value)
    Support Community of others doing this work so we can learn, grow, celebrate and collaborate together ...ongoing support to get you through the highs and lows ($1,000 Value)
    Private Chat Channel with Sarah - so you can talk about personal things that are going on in your life or business ($1,000 Value)
    Lifetime access to community & material ($3,000 Value)
    2 Bonus guides on trusting yourself and following your highest path ($400 Value)


    How much time will I need to commit to this program?

    Our goal was to create a program that minimized overwhelm, that being said this is deep work. It opens you up to unlimited possibilities and money, but if you don’t spend the time working through the exercises and implementing what you’re learning you won’t get the results you desire. We recommend planning on spending 2 hours a week minimum on this work.

    What if I already have an established business?

    Amazing, we recommend joining this program if you want to learn a new way to attract customers and money in a way that feels easy to you.

    How is this program able to help such a wide range of people?

    Because this work happens at a very high level, there is a universal power that it has in terms of who it can help, and what it can help with. For example, if you already have a business, you will benefit from learning how to do more of the things you love doing - but if you don’t enjoy your business, you may decide to shift into something else, thus becoming somewhat of a beginner again. This is a natural cycle for us to have throughout our lives, where we are always evolving - this is also why we can help guide the beginner as well, because it’s all part of the same process.

    What time are the group sessions? What if it doesn’t work for my schedule?

    Sessions will happen at different times each month to help accommodate as many members as possible. All sessions will be recorded and you'll be able to submit your questions beforehand.

    What if I don’t know what I want to do?

    You’re perfect for this too. Through this work you will uncover how you want to share your skills, talents & experience with others and start moving towards that.

    Do you offer refunds?

    We do not offer refunds. Please take as much time and consideration as you need in deciding whether or not you believe it’s possible for you to do work you love and earn what you desire through these methods we’ve described on this page.

    What if I'm nervous to sign up?

    We recommend checking in with that; we want everyone who signs up to feel excited to do this work and call more money and balance into their lives. Over the years we’ve heard from many students that they are scared to invest in themselves, worried they will fail. This work is so powerful, if you’re committed to doing it you can’t fail. Tune into your heart and see what comes up. If you’d like to email Sarah or Peter to ask any questions you can email [email protected] or [email protected]

    Have a question? Click here to ask it

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