Ready to finally heal?

Embrace this opportunity to overcome your limitations and liberate yourself from the burdens holding you back

Inner Health Flow - When the world says the answers for healing are outside of yourself, we help you unlock them from within.

This is your invitation to unlock your full potential and embrace the joy of living!

This program would be perfect for you if:

You’re tired of being inconsistent with your health and ready to get to the root of resistance and self-sabotage so that you can regain your energy in life.
You want to get your mind to a relaxed state so you can feel more confident, balanced and peaceful. Bye bye anxiety 👋
You’re ready to heal old wounds that you may or may not be aware of so you can move forward in life.
You want to see yourself in the mirror and only have loving, supportive thoughts for yourself
You’d love to learn to detach from beliefs that you’re ‘aging’, or that your health is limited by your genetics, so you can create the health reality that you actually want.
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I'm Sarah, and I work with my husband, Peter - we're both health coaches, spiritual teachers, and business mentors.

We have been helping others improve their health and well-being for over a decade now, and we're excited to share our new program Inner Health Flow.

This program was born when I faced my own year-long health crisis. As health coaches, sometimes we can get so occupied with taking care of our clients that we lose ourselves and forget we have to do this deep work too.

Inner Health Flow is a new approach to healing. It uses the modality Soul-Informed Healing, a healing practice that is tailored to YOU and YOUR unique soul.

It's not just about fixing physical ailments; it goes deeper to address emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks. You'll release emotions, beliefs, and fears through powerful tools like Audio Journeys, Visualization, Inner Child Work, Forgiveness, Shadow Work, Self-love, and Energy Work to unlock your full potential. So say goodbye to symptoms and hello to true balance & well-being.

We intend to help you heal and teach you how to share this work with others if you desire.

Take a look at some of the Health imbalance symptoms it works for:

Weight loss
Adrenal fatigue
Chronic illness, disease
Emotional eating
Gut health issues
Hormone imbalance, mood swings
Body pains

What sets this program apart from others?

We go deep into your journey

This isn't just another program focusing solely on physical aspects like diet and exercise. Instead, we explore the intricate patterns that shape your life, examining how you present yourself to the world and identifying the obstacles that hinder your progress. Our approach involves looking into your stories, fears, past experiences, shadow-side, and even childhood, providing a comprehensive understanding of your unique narrative. By exploring these layers, we uncover many insights and offer transformative solutions to propel you forward.

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I promise you're in good hands; this experience will be fun and open up so much potential for you. It’s all connected, my friend.

- The weight is connected to not feeling good enough and not wanting to be seen.

- The hip pain is connected to unexpressed anger and sadness.

- Being unable to speak your truth is connected to how you judge yourself and others.

When you give yourself the time and attention you deserve and commit to working through this, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you start to feel better.


💫  Module 1

Empowerment - We’ll teach you how to create your reality, release the past and overcome your limiting beliefs and fears.

💫  Module 2

Love and Light - Learn how to truly love yourself and incorporate healing foods and spiritual techniques to heal your body.

💫  Module 3

Trust - Here, you will learn how to trust yourself, trust others and come back into harmony in all relationships.

💫  Module 4

Spiritual Realm - In this section, you’ll connect with the divine, learn to manifest and outsource to the universe, and operate as your highest self in all situations.

💫  Module 5

Growth and Purpose - Learn how to share your unique gifts with others without it taking away your power or healing ability. This is when you step into 100% health.

My back pain was tied to feeling responsible for everyone and everything. It was crushing me, and it showed up on the MRI - which may seem crazy, but once you learn how all of this works, it makes so much sense. When I gave myself the time to explore my beliefs, my childhood - it started to become clear. I then had to feel my emotions, work through them and then implement a new way of living. Not only did I heal my back but I became stronger, and life became so much more vibrant. I can’t wait to teach you these tools.

creator of inner health flow

The Fun Adventure Awaits
What our 8 weeks look like together

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How To Get Your Body To Work With You
The Process For Getting In Tune With Your Inner Guidance So you can heal
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Fears, And Doubts That Are Holding You Back And Keeping You Sick
Incorporating Self-Love, Shadow Work And Inner Child Healing
Your Custom Healing Meal Plan
Energy Healing And Using Light
Discovering Your Gifts And Connecting With Your Soul
Forgiveness And Relationships With Others
Trusting Yourself And Coming Back To Your Center

Custom meal plan for your unique soul

We will not be recommending a specific diet for everyone in the program; instead, we will be creating specific plans for each individual person. We will also be teaching why we go for lower vibrational foods, when that can be appropriate, and how doing this work you'll start to crave higher vibrational foods.

Guided audio journeys

If you have a hard time relaxing, these healing audio journeys will help you get out of your head and into your heart. They are infused with healing sound frequencies and will allow you to connect with the deepest part of yourself.

You will find audio journey's on the following topics:

Discovering your true essence
Radiating self-love
Aligning with the wisdom of your soul
Utilizing the transformative energy of light to restore and rejuvenate the chakras
Connecting and integrating your higher self
Restoring trust in yourself and returning to a place of inner alignment
Limiting beliefs, fears, lower vibrational thoughts
Inner child and past wound healing

You will thrive in this program if:

You are so ready to heal and open to doing the inner work with us. Being nervous is totally normal, but we need you to be open and willing to dive into this work with an open mind.

You know there is deep work to be done, and you can’t put it off any longer; it’s holding you back and keeping you sick. We’re talking about looking at your emotions, past, limiting beliefs, relationships, and finally healing it.

You’re a health coach or caregiver that loves health & wellness and wants to deepen your knowledge and skills to better support those in your life.

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This would not be the best program for you if:

- You’re not willing to do self-reflection or open up to new ideas regarding health and healing.

We can’t do this work for you, but we encourage you to join the program and do the inner work for yourself, using this tried-and-true approach to healing.

You will gain so much from doing this work, here are a few things you can expect:

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Stronger than before

By the time we’re finished, you'll know exactly why you haven’t been healing or reaching your health goals (using The Magic Mirror Method - bringing light to what you’re not seeing when it comes to your healing), no more mystery, and you’ll be doing the work needed to recover. Empowered with this newfound understanding, you will embark on a transformative journey of recovery, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before, becoming your favorite testimonial of your life!

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Eating in alignment with your goals

You will eat in a way that has you feeling your best, with ease. You will also find that those around you naturally align with and support your new lifestyle as a result of your higher vibration and increased radiance. This new way will allow you to hit your goals with so much joy.

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Moving forward with ease and confidence

You will have a new sense of inner guidance and trust about your health & life in general. With this clarity, you will confidently recognize you're precisely where you need to be, effortlessly navigating the right path forward. The days of feeling stuck or overwhelmed by self-doubt will become a distant memory as you embrace a profound sense of certainty and self-assurance.

This Inner Health Flow Beta Program Includes

15 powerful healing video training lessons (20 minutes or less) to help you understand the healing concepts. You can watch on your own time and will have the ability to download.
20 integration exercises that will help you implement the concepts you are learning and go deeper in your path to healing.
Private student community group. This is outside of social media and will be a space for you to ask questions about the trainings, share what you are implementing, and connect with other students in the program. (mobile app available)
Monthly Group Calls - these are 60-minute group calls where we will dive deeper into the content you are learning and answer any questions you have. This will also be a chance for you to connect with others and hear how the healing journey is going for them.
Meal planning group session - Once you have your custom healing plan we will host a group session where we will plan together and make sure you have everything you need to thrive.
Lifetime access - when Inner Health Flow is released at full price, you will get lifetime access to trainings, exercises, call replays and member community!

*This is an 8 week self-study program with live support from Sarah and Peter.

Since this is a beta program, we are offering it to you for 50% off the price. However, in return, we ask for your support and feedback as we develop this into the most-powerful healing program in the space.

How much time is required?

We recommend 1 hour each week to watch videos and do the integration. That being said, this is work you’ll be thinking about and doing all throughout your day. For example: I am connecting with my higher self every morning, I’m cleansing my chakras and using energy to heal at some point throughout the day - these don’t take me much time but now that I have these tools I use them because they’re so effective, I’m sure you will be the same way.

What kind of support is included?

You will have lifetime access to a community full of others on a deep healing journey, working on becoming the best versions of themselves. Sarah and Peter are also active in the community, checking in and giving support.


inner health flow bonuses
Become an Intuitive Healer: Learn our 5-step process to use your intuition to heal yourself and others. Healing doesn’t happen outside of yourself it happens within; let us teach you. ($399 Value)
Unlock Your Emotions + Meditation: So you can access the feelings holding you back from healing. If you have a hard time accessing difficult emotions, this is going to be very helpful for you. ($299 Value)
Time Unleashed: Our top self-care and healing practices for unleashing inner peace and freedom. If you struggle to make time for yourself, this guide is for you. ($199 Value)

There came a point in my healing journey where I realized I couldn’t continue trying to outsource my healing, and I couldn’t keep adding things to my life.

I had to go deeper, I had to work through my fears and my need to control everything.

This is the work that set me free and lifted the veil of darkness, life is so much better since doing this work and that’s what I’m inviting you to experience.

Join Inner Health Flow Today and Save 50%

Get the support you need to heal to 100%

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Pay In Full: $1,294

With 50% Discount:


1 payment

Your 8 Week Program Includes:

$897 in healing bonuses
15 powerful healing video training lessons
20 integration exercises
Private student community group
Monthly group calls
Meal planning group session
Lifetime access to trainings, exercises, call replays and member community!

Payment Plan: $1400

With 50% Discount:


2 monthly payments

Your 8 Week Program Includes:

$897 in healing bonuses
15 powerful healing video training lessons
20 integration exercises
Private student community group
Monthly group calls
Meal planning group session
Lifetime access to trainings, exercises, call replays and member community!

Want extra support? Add a 1:1 call with Sarah to use any time during the program for a little extra TLC (available at checkout for $397)

Have a question? Ask it here


What if I have a hard time getting quiet or doing meditations?

That is totally normal, most people in our society do. This program is so much more than meditations, but it does come with audio journeys, and we will teach you to connect with your innermost self. However, this will work for you if YOU WANT TO learn how to get quiet, go within, and reconnect with yourself.

Can I do this at my own pace?

Yes, we lay out a roadmap but you can take as long as you need.

I’ve already spent so much on my health, I’m nervous to invest more?

That makes sense, healing can be a big financial investment and can be frustrating when you don’t get the results you desire. All I can say is I see you and relate. If you haven’t done any of this deeper work, I promise you it makes such a difference. We use things I haven’t seen in other health programs such as audio journeys, visualization, forgiveness exercises, self-love, energy work, chakra healing, integrating lower thoughts, fears, and beliefs, spiritual guidance, and much more. That being said, if you do want to move forward with us, if you join and after 8 weeks don’t feel like you aren’t making progress, we will continue to work together until you feel you are on the healing path - for no extra charge.

Do you offer refunds?

We cannot offer refunds for this program as it is already priced at a 50% discount, that being said we are committed to making this program one that you can’t stop talking about. So, if you join after 8 weeks and don't feel like you aren’t making progress, we will continue to work together until you feel you are on the healing path - for no extra charge.

I need this but I have so many other things going on in my life?

One of our goals is to help you prioritize yourself, and what is needed for you to thrive. If you do want to join us, together, we will shed light on what truly matters to you, enabling you to reclaim your precious time and create a harmonious balance that aligns with your deepest desires. Our unwavering support will empower you to make conscious choices and establish boundaries that honor your needs, ultimately leading to a life where your fulfillment and flourishing take center stage so you have more than enough time for everything you desire.

Join Inner Health Flow and let’s start celebrating how much brighter and lighter you’re going to feel by the time we’re done.

Please note this program is not intended as a replacement for medical advice or treatment. If you feel inclined to seek a medically trained professional then we would encourage you to. The soul-informed healing modality is designed to work in conjunction with other methods you are intuitively drawn to such as diet, supplements, therapy, medical procedures, etc.

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