Identify Your Healing Blocks


Get excited about your journey to reconnecting with your true self!

By harnessing your inner power, you'll be able to finally break free from feeling stuck and embrace the profound healing you've been seeking.

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Includes free audio download, video training and journal prompts.

What this can be used for

Releasing weight
Loving yourself and what you see in the mirror
Past wounds and recurring patterns
Increasing your energy and natural vitality
Living pain-free
Overcoming your health limitations
Working through stored emotions
Digestive pain and bloating

And so much more

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What is Soul-Informed Healing?

Get ready to experience a transformation like no other!

This incredible healing practice is tailored to YOU and YOUR unique soul. It's not just about fixing physical ailments; it goes deeper to address emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks. Through powerful tools like Meditation, Visualization, Forgiveness, Self-love and Energy Work, you'll release emotions, beliefs and fears to unlock your full potential. Say goodbye to symptoms and hello to true balance and well-being.

This is individualized healing at its finest - Are you ready to feel truly alive?

Identify Your Healing Blocks Today


Includes free audio download, video training and journal prompts.

About us

Hi there! I’m Sarah, and work with my husband Peter - we’re both health coaches, spiritual teachers, and business mentors

We have been helping others improve their health and well-being for over a decade now, and we’re excited to share our creation with you: Soul-Informed Healing. 

We’ve developed this approach to help you tap into the innate wisdom & intuition within yourself, empowering you to overcome physical, emotional and mental challenges. It’s a game-changer, and we can’t wait to introduce it to you!

The idea for Soul-Informed Healing was born when I faced my own year-long health crisis. Peter and I were searching for a solution that would work on both a physical and energetic level when we discovered this approach. 

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Since then, we’ve been passionate about sharing it with others and seeing the positive impact it makes in their lives. Let us help you tap into your own inner resources and guide you on your path to greater health and well-being.

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