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30-Day Mini Course for

Female Entrepreneurs

Aspiring to Gain Confidence and Achieve their Dreams

confidence mini course with sarah hagstrom inner flow

Do you wish you had the confidence needed to quit your job and follow your dreams?

Show up on social media and sell your program?

Guess what? You can 😉

If you’re new to me, I’m Sarah Hagstrom, Co-Founder of The Inner Flow Co, and for the past 3 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs gain the confidence to make their dreams come true. After two health challenges of my own, I found my confidence was shaken, and that is when I developed this mini-course to help me get out of the procrastination prison I had put myself in. I’m excited to share this work with you.

With all the free information on social media it’s easy to think I’ll just figure this out on my own, but if you’re a business owner you know - no matter how much free value someone provides it’s not enough to get results. This course is holding nothing back, guiding you step by step to become more confident and stronger in a month.

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Going through a rough period, season or year?

No matter the duration you need a solution for getting through it, let this course be your guide, your plan, and your ally, allowing you to emerge stronger.

Regain your confidence and start moving forward on your dreams in 30 days or less.

This Mini-Course would be perfect for you if:

You’re ready to stop playing small and holding yourself back
You want to put yourself out there and feel proud of doing so and the results you achieve
You want to share your story and connect with people who need your work
You want the confidence and courage to leave your job
You’re stuck and need help escaping your Self-Doubt and The Procrastination Prison
You’re ready to go ALL IN for your dream life and business!

My 30-day confidence mini course will help you move forward so you can feel powerful again

I’ve helped hundreds of women (just like you) rebuild their confidence and achieve their dreams with ease and peace.

Now I’d like to help you do the same thing.

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When you sign up for this mini-course, you’ll receive the following:


Walking you through how to use this course to increase your confidence and belief in yourself.


On reprogramming your subconscious mind, calming your nervous system, creating a vision for your future, and rewriting your past hardships so they stop repeating themselves.


Weekly exercises to gain clarity on who you are and how you can move forward with confidence in a way that is best for your personality and lifestyle. No, overwhelm!


Regain Your Confidence with Our 30 Day Challenge – Your Perfect Restart! Join our self guided challenge helping you get clear on your goals and keep you on track for breakthrough's resulting in a huge shift in confidence.

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One on raising your vibration and another for connecting to your higher self. These are under 15 minutes and are infused with healing frequencies that will relax you and allow you to reconnect with the strongest and most loving part of your self. They are also designed to clear any energetic blockages.


To connect with others going through the course and help keep you accountable.

Includes Over $430 in Bonuses!!!

self confidence guide - cmc

Self-Confidence Guide for Trusting Yourself

This guide walks you through my story of regaining my confidence and the strategies I’ve used to quit my job, build multiple businesses, speak on stages, launch podcasts, and help thousands of people around the world. You can do this too. ($200 Value)

fresh start method - cmc

The Fresh Start Method for When You're Doubting Yourself

Use this method when you’re feeling stuck, trapped or in a dark void, it’s easy to follow and will pull you out of tough times. ($65 Value)

fresh start method - cmc
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Confidence Workbook for Achieving Your Dreams

If you need some inspiration when it comes to moving forward towards your goals, or some inspiring quotes for when you doubt yourself, this workbook over-delivers! ($65 Value)

And that's not all...


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30-Day Confidence Mini Course

For entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who want the confidence to make their dreams come true, stop playing small and start believing in themselves.

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Everything Included:

Intro Packet to Get the Best Results
4 Week Easy to Implement Confidence Course
4 Weeks of Confidence Exercises
2 Guided Meditations for Growth
Lifetime access to community + accountability Group ($250 Value)
BONUS: Self-Confidence Guide for Trusting Yourself ($200 Value)
BONUS: The Fresh Start Method for Overcoming Doubt & Fear ($65 Value)
BONUS: Confidence Workbook for Achieving Your Dreams ($65 Value)
BONUS: $100 Off Future Course/Program Purchases ($100 Value)
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How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course + community once you purchase.

I’m worried I won’t finish it?

This course is not only actionable but it’s engaging and insightful, the lessons are short but interesting and it comes with an accountability community so we can help you get through it. Signing up and completing this course might be the very thing you need to regain your confidence.

How long will it take me to go through the course?

I recommend setting aside 1 hour weekly to complete the course in 30 days. You can split that hour up between multiple days too.

I’m here for you and will support you.

Are there refunds?

While there are no refunds for this mini course, I assure you will get a ton of value out of everything included. You will have lifetime access to the course + community so just know that I’m here for you and will support you.

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I know what it’s like to feel stuck and like you’re not reaching your full potential. 

If you don’t work on your lack of confidence, it will continue to hold you back from reaching your goals. 

Don’t let another day go by without you living your desired life.

Sarah hagstrom
Inner Flow Co

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