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Hi, I'm Sarah Hagstrom, and I'm glad you're here.

I'm best known for helping humans overcome inner obstacles and reach for the stars, to achieve their dreams in the simplest way possible.

I've been helping people with their health and businesses since 2014; my work has been featured in Whole Foods, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thinkific, Kajabi, and Yahoo Finance.

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I got into the world of health and wellness after my health struggles. Growing up, I dealt with digestive issues, skin rashes, and a weak immune system. 

If you're struggling with your health but unsure how to move forward, download our Identify Your Healing Blocks Meditation.

One night in 2009, I remember sitting on the kitchen counter with my comfort (Costco-size) bag of M&M's, crying about how badly my stomach was hurting.

sarah hagstrom flowers

Peter pointed out that the M&M's might not be the best solution; he's always been great at helping me see what I need, not necessarily what I want to see, but what I need.

In 2010 I got serious about nutrition and whole food plant-based diets, which led me to the world of health coaching. I helped women go plant-based, lose weight, and increase their confidence and energy.

Along with Peter, we hosted wellness retreats in both San Diego and Seattle.

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After helping hundreds of women with their health, I started helping those in the health and wellness space make their business dreams come true and do work they were passionate about.

I never wanted to do business coaching, but people kept asking me, so I gave it a try with one client, and she was able to leave her job in 6 months; it turns out I was very good at business coaching. 

I've helped entrepreneurs worldwide launch online coaching programs, wellness studios, inspirational books, courses, and more.

If you're still working on discovering your life's work, check out this free training Peter and I put together to help you find clarity. 

And don't worry, you're not too late or too early; I believe we all find our life's work at the perfect time.

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Life was getting busy at this point; my schedule was always maxed out with coaching calls, masterminds, or team meetings.

I was doing so much, but it never felt like enough.

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Back then, I didn't know this, but I had a fear of slowing down. I was afraid that if I did, I would lose everything. Growing up in a dysfunctional home, stability and control became my cravings. I hadn't yet learned the art of surrendering and placing my trust in something greater than myself.

I hit rock bottom a few months later - did you see that coming?  Because now, it seems so obvious, but back then, I was utterly disconnected from my inner guidance.

I got on a plane to go to a health conference in Florida, knowing full well that I couldn't sit for more than 45 minutes... the flight was 6 hours with a connection in Dallas - I didn't make it any further.

In so much pain, I knew lying on the ground at the airport was my rock bottom. 

After laying on the airport floor for a few hours, I felt slightly better but decided I needed to go home and avoid my connecting flight. 

I had a disc herniation and tear in my spine that doctors said would only be fixed with surgery. Having no physical trauma or accident, surgery wasn't the right decision for me. 

So I sent out on a journey to heal it with my tools. Little did I know I would get a massive upgrade to my wellness toolkit.

Around this time, I had my spiritual awakening, which changed how I thought about health, business, and operating as a human on this planet altogether.

I am filled with gratitude for the back pain I experienced.

It's incredible how something so challenging and discomforting can catalyze tremendous growth and transformation. During my darkest moments, my pain led me on a profound search for faith, for something greater than myself. It was like a beacon guiding me through my own personal dark night of the soul.

But you know what's even more remarkable? 

This pain, this seemingly insurmountable obstacle, actually gifted me with something invaluable: the gift of time. It forced me to slow down, to pause, and in that stillness, I found the opportunity to reconnect with my inner guidance, that light that always guides me where I need to go. 

My back pain, once a burden, has become a teacher, showing me the way back to myself.

Whatever you may be going through at this moment, my best advice is to find moments of stillness. The answers for healing and growth reside within you; it's just that sometimes, in the busyness of life, we tend to overlook the immense power we possess.

    Reflecting upon my years of work, it has become abundantly clear to me how crucial it is to prioritize inner work.; this is the only way to make lasting changes in your health, relationships, or business

    If you can find peace and happiness inside, you can create a life that reflects it.

    Imagine a life where you radiate from the inside out, where your inner landscape becomes a fertile ground for growth and transformation.

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    By embarking on the path of inner work, you embark on a voyage of self-discovery and self-mastery. It is a courageous exploration of your beliefs, patterns and emotions, peeling back the layers to reveal your true essence.

    Today, I invite you to embrace this profound truth:

    When you find peace and happiness within yourself, something extraordinary happens. You gain the power to create a life that aligns with your deepest desires. It's like uncovering a hidden treasure within you.

    Believe me; the world awaits the beauty that will emerge from you doing this work. Limitless possibilities lie ahead as you embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth. It's as if the universe opens its doors, ready to support you every step of the way.

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      Fun facts about myself

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      • I'm an only child and was raised by a strong single mom.
      • I'm a Taurus sun, Aries moon, and Scorpio rising. 
      • I love good food; I look at menus before going to the restaurant and go on vacations just for the food. 
      • I once ran a 24-hour relay race where I ran 36 miles - I'm very proud of this accomplishment, especially since I don't run anymore. 
      • I start and end my day with books. I read spiritual and growth first thing in the morning and novels in the evening.

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      A few 'Sarah Hagstrom' reviews

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      I started working with Sarah because I was feeling tired, overweight and frustrated with my health. The most exciting moment was getting on the scale and seeing a difference! lost 10 pounds (maybe more - haven't been on the scale this month 😉 and I have more energy. I didn't expect to work on my own blocks and boundaries. It was the hardest part, but also the most useful in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. If you're thinking about working with Sarah, it's worth it. However, you must be ready to work and be open-minded.


      Course testimonial

      I loved working with Sarah the first time and she taught me so many things. From meal planning, to substitutions, to quick and sustainable weight loss. I'm working with her again now to kick things into higher gear and work on maintenance of the things I learned before. It's also nice to have someone to help keep you accountable. We talk almost every day, and I'm so grateful for all of her advice and encouragement.


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