Life has a funny way of working out.

One minute you're going about your life, thinking that’s just how the world works.

The next you’re in the middle of a spiritual awakening, shocked to find out the truth that you are the one who actually creates your own reality.

Sarah Peter Hagstrom

But we aren’t the only ones. So many others are waking up and realizing just how powerful they are, and how beautiful life can be when you open up to and trust in the nature of the universe.

If you’re sensing there’s more going on than what most people believe, you’re in the right place - especially if you know there are bigger things possible for you and you have a desire to bring that vision into reality.

Hi, we’re Sarah & Peter Hagstrom, creators of The Inner Flow Co 👋

It’s been a long and wild journey getting to this point.

Sarah Peter Hagstrom

We have dedicated ourselves to helping others since 2011. And while our path has meandered quite a bit, looking back it all makes perfect sense.

Why we created The Inner Flow Co.

After 5 years of health coaching followed by 4 years of business coaching we were suddenly called to do something different.

Our values & priorities had shifted so much that we were no longer in alignment with business coaching. This was tough because we loved helping coaches build their confidence, grow their followers and sign clients.

The problem was we knew better.

There’s more to life than making money and growing your followers on social media.

Common truths:

- Money can’t buy you happiness
- Being popular is not a fulfilling goal

What we focus on

We’ve shifted our priorities and now focus on:

    • How to find work you’re passionate about
    • How to attract what you desire (money, objects, services, relationships)
    • How to love more
    • How to forgive those who hurt you
    • How to trust yourself, others, and the universe (god, goddess, all-that-is)
    • How to reimagine your past so you can create a better present/future
    • How to heal yourself through inner guidance, balance and harmony

    This is the work we do at The Inner Flow Co.

    Life can be amazing, things can happen naturally, you can be in a flow state, you can transcend your ego and reconnect with your soul.

    But in order to do this we must be committed.

    We have to be willing to release our fears & limitations, and consciously choose love & growth.

    Here are the 2 programs we currently offer:


    If you feel called to tap into your intuitive healing abilities, this program is for you. We use a healing modality known as Soul-Informed Healing, which combines many different methods into a single, unified approach to bring your body back into balance.

    Our approach involves looking into your stories, limiting beliefs, fears, past experiences, shadow-side, and even childhood, providing a comprehensive understanding of your unique narrative.

    Students join this program to overcome emotional eating, find inner peace, heal to 100%, maintain their healing frequency, help others, and much more.

    Learn more about Inner Health Flow

    Inner health flow


    This program teaches our manifestation process for sharing your work with others and enjoying all the abundance and peace you desire.

    This isn’t just about vision boards and meditations; this is a comprehensive solution for any business owner or anyone wanting to share their services with the world.
    We’ve been entrepreneurs since 2011 and have had 5 different businesses. Trust us when we tell you this can and does help many people.

    We go in-depth on connecting with your inner guidance, sharing your work, getting into a flow state, and attracting people who can help without force.

    Inner money flow

    All of us are capable of so much more, but we have to believe it’s possible and then de-program all of the old beliefs that have been holding us back.

    Once we do that we can then start to trust our inner guidance and be live more in the flow. This is where the real magic happens: ideas, opportunities, events, situations and coincidences.

    But as you’ll come to see this isn’t actually magic - this is how our world has always been, we’re just seeing it from a greater perspective and know to create what we want when we want it.

    Thanks for being here, it seems you were destined to visit 😊

    Sarah & Peter Hagstrom

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